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Students' Union Questions

What is Royal Holloway Students' Union?

Every student studying at Royal Holloway is a member of Royal Holloway Students' Union. The Union is a registered charity that actively represents over 9,000 students of Royal Holloway. We’re independent of the University and led by a team of five sabbatical officers, a permanent staff team and volunteers. Our mission is to make student life better at Royal Holloway.

How do I become a member of Royal Holloway Students’ Union?

Every student at Royal Holloway is automatically a member of Royal Holloway Students’ Union. You can opt out of this by ticking a box during the enrolment process with the University.

Who runs Royal Holloway Students' Union?

The Students’ Union is led by a team of annually elected sabbatical officers with the sole aim of making student life better at Royal Holloway. Students feed into the Union their ideas, opinions and views ensuring the Union is truly student-led. Behind the officer team is a permanent staff team who work to deliver the Union’s strategic plan.

Who funds Royal Holloway Students' Union?

The Students’ Union is funded in many different ways. Alongside receiving a grant from the University, we also generate income through trading services, memberships, and media sales. As a not-for-profit organisation this is all reinvested in services for students.

Is the Union part of the university?

Royal Holloway Students’ Union is an independent organisation separate from the University although we do work very closely with them and they provide us with funding in the form of a block grant.

How do I get my College Card?

On arrival at Royal Holloway, drop in to the Windsor Building located just by Founder’s Building to pick up your College Card. Information about the card can be found here.

How do I get my username, password and email account?

Upon arriving at University, the college will send you an email containing your personal Royal Holloway email address, Campus Connect username and password. To log into the SU website, simply enter the same username and password you use for Campus Connect.

Are the advice and housing services free of charge?

There is no cost to use the Advice Centre and the housing advice services they offer. You can book an appointment via email or in person at the Union Helpdesk.

What are the Students Union opening times?

You can see all of our opening times here.

Where is the Students' Union building?

The Students’ Union building is located on campus. Just follow the main road and we’re on the right hand side. Our address is: The Students’ Union, Royal Holloway, Egham Hill, Egham, TW20 0EX.

What is the phone number for Students’ Union reception?

You can give the Helpdesk a call on 01784 276700 any time between 9am-5pm.

If I’m a member of staff at the Students’ Union, what benefits do I get?

If you work for the Students’ Union as a student, you get your own loyalty card which gives you 10% off food and drink at the SU. Your staff card also allows you free entry to certain SU nights. Want to be a member of staff at the Union? Keep an eye on our vacancies page where we advertise all our student staff roles.

Is the Students’ Union open during summer and out of term time?

The Students’ Union and Tommy’s Kitchen are open during summer. Tommy’s runs a reduced service over the summer period. There are no event nights outside of term time. Over the Christmas period the SU runs a reduced service and Tommy’s Kitchen is closed.

Venue FAQs

What ID do I need to bring with me on a night out?

You’ll need to bring your RHUL college card and ID. Don’t forget to purchase a ticket!

Is there an age limit on nights out?

You must be 18 years old and have valid hotographic ID to enter the Students' Union or Medicine on a night out.

How do I sign in a friend who doesn't attend RHUL?

Guests can be signed in on the day of the event at either the Helpdesk between 12:00 - 20:00, or on the door between 22:00 - 00:00. They will then receive a wristband as their ticket which they need to bring to the venue upon entry. It’s only £2 to sign a friend in, and if they have an NUS card, it’s free! Please note they must be over 18 and have valid ID to get entry to the venues, regardless of whether they have an NUS card.

How do I transfer a ticket to someone else?

Online tickets may be transferred at the door, on the night of the event, between 10pm and 11pm. Transferals outside of this time need to be completed in person at the wristband exchange upstairs in the SU.
You cannot transfer a ticket and then come back to the event later unless you purchase an additional ticket. If transferring on the door, you will need to enter the SU once you have transferred your ticket. The person whom you are transferring your ticket to must be present.

When is last entry on SU nights out if I have purchased a ticket?

Tickets will guarantee you entry into the venue until 11pm, after this time entry will be dependent on venue capacity until midnight – so don’t miss out!

How do purchase a Union Bus ticket on nights out?

You can purchase a ticket for the Union bus at the cloakroom. It costs £1 in cash for RHUL students, and £2 for guests.

How does the Union Bus operate? (Where does it take you?)

You simply hop aboard and tell the driver where you’d like to go, and they will take you as close to your home as possible.

What's the difference between having a ticket and picking up a wristband?

If you purchase a ticket online, you still have to queue upon entry and show your college card to pick up your wristband. However, if you collect a wristband during the day from the SU Helpdesk, you can then enter the venue through the back entrance which saves queuing time!

Where do I check for lost property?

To check lost property, visit helpdesk upstairs in the SU.

How much does the cloak room cost?

The cloak room costs £1 in cash on nights out.

Will there be strobe lighting during a show?

Yes, there is use of strobe lighting on event nights.

Is there a dress code for nights out?

There is no strict dress code. You can wear jeans and trainers.

Is there a minimum debit card charge in the SU?

On nights out there is a minimum card charge of £5 in the SU and Medicine.

Can I use my college card to pay for drinks?

You certainly can! It's a lot quicker, too. Remember to top up.

Where can I find a cash machine?

There is a cash machine directly outside the Students’ Union main doors, alternatively another is located outside the Windsor Building.

Where can I find a water fountain?

There is a water fountain in the Students' Union, by the doors in Tommy's Kitchen.

What is Freshers' Week?

Freshers’ Festival is the first week of term where your Royal Holloway journey begins. There are tons of free events, taster sessions, and of course, nights out! It’s your chance to get involved and meet new people who are all in the same position as you.

Can students from all years attend Freshers' Week events?

Yes, aside from one or two nights out which are first year specific.

I feel like I was harassed on a night out, who should I talk to?

If you feel like you have been harassed, you can report this to a member of staff or security at the event.
You can also book an appointment at the Advice Centre located upstairs at the Students’ Union for a chat about any problems you are having.

Miscellaneous Questions

When I go on the SU website to buy a ticket for an event, how do I know if it's sold out?

If the event has sold out, you will not be able to add the tickets to your basket.

I'm having difficulty logging into the SU website, what should I do?

You can check out our mini-FAQ on common problems logging into the site. Alternatively you can message us on the Students’ Union Facebook page or email us at