Monday 25 February 2019

12:00 - 14:00

Tommy's Lounge, Students' Union

Traffic Light Lunch

You've probably heard of a traffic party on a night out, but now it's time to see it played out in a much more important format.

This is a wellbeing/venting session for things that may be stressing you out or frustrating you in everyday life.

Badges will be available when you arrive at the space and will indicate as such:

Green: Here to listen

Amber: Here to do either

Red: Here to vent

Mental Health First Aid trained members of staff will be available in the event that you would like to discuss particular mental health difficulties. We will provide the Mental Health Network handbooks at the session, and details for wellbeing should you want the information.

Pizza, snacks and soft drinks will also be provided.

Ticket information

Free entry