Monday 11 November 2019

18:00 - 19:00

Windsor 1-04

Open Q&A

Following on from our Democracy Review last year, one of the decisions that was made was to abolish All Student Meetings. They were ineffective, lacking in substance and to be perfectly honest, a product of the past.

Whilst we have removed this formal structure from our democratic engagement, I still want there to be an opportunity for you to come and ask us questions and raise any concerns that you may have.

This is why, for each term, we will now be hosting an open Q&A session, open to all students.

These events won’t be structured in the same sense as All Student Meetings and they certainly won’t simply create the same function but with a different name.

Rather than the confused formality of All Student Meetings, where there were constrained agendas, confusion over policy development and a severe lack of engagement, these will be more relaxed. They will be an opportunity to engage in conversations with us on specific issues, or simply for you to gain a better understanding of things going on – it really is a chance for you to have a friendly conversation with us!

This is, essentially, your opportunity to come and ask the leadership of the Students’ Union any questions that you want – it may be that you want some more understanding of a decision that we have made, or that you are wondering what our opinion on a certain matter is, or have some cool idea that you would like to discuss with us!

Jack O'Neill // President

So join us in Windsor 1-04  if you would like to ask us anything!