Thursday 02 December 2021

13:30 - 15:30


Housing Zoom Drop-in

Throughout term-time, our Advice Centre runs Zoom drop-in sessions every Tuesday and Thursday so you can fire away with any worries or concerns. You can pop in alone or with a friend and get the information you need from our advisors.

This week, as part of Housing Week, our Student Advisors will be available specifically to discuss any housing-related enquires!

Meeting ID: 930 8638 2139

Passcode: 979140

What can you help me with? 

  • Help and advice about looking for housing
  • Free contract checking - you shouldn’t pay for or sign anything before using this service. However, if you have, you should still get the contract checked so you know what your rights and obligations are and you’re clear about how to get your deposit back without unfair charges
  • Guidance for dealing with problems in your rented home
  • Support and advice through housemate disputes
  • Advice about leaving your tenancy early

If you’re unable to make it to a drop-in, simply email with your query and an advisor will be in touch to help you soon. You can also look through our housing advice pages for general information.

Please remember that we don't advise you to sign a contract or pay any money towards housing for next year in Term One. There is a big surplus of student accommodation in the area, so there’s no need to rush!

How do Zoom drop-ins work?

  • You don’t need to download anything. Just click on the link to join the meeting through your web browser.
  • We strongly recommend using your PC instead of your phone as it makes file and screen-sharing easier. PCs have a more reliable connection too.
  • You will first enter into a private digital ‘waiting room.’ If the advisor is free, they will admit you into the meeting. 
  • If the advisor is already talking with someone, you will have to wait to be admitted. Don’t worry though, they can see you’re waiting. 
  • You can use the Zoom link at any point during the drop-in times.
  • If your case is complex, you may be given an appointment at a later time.

Further support

The Advice Centre is a free, independent and confidential service for all students here at Royal Holloway. Our friendly, experienced and professional staff will provide a listening ear and offer general and specialist advice. We’re here to support you with a whole range of issues, big and small, and if we’re not the best people to help you with a particular issue, we’ll point you in the right direction.

Email us at with any questions, or if you need a different meeting time.