Tuesday 19 September 2023

10:00 - 11:00

Tommy's Lounge

Black and Global Majority Community Coffee Hour

Get to know your campus community over a coffee! Join us at the Tommy's Lounge to meet fellow students, and your Black and Global Majority Community Officer!

After a hot drink or two, we'll be heading over to Freshers' Fair together!

Ticket Information 

Free entry - simply turn up!

Meet and Mingle

Across Freshers’ Festival, we’ll be hosting daily mixers, picnics, and socials specifically to help you meet other students and make friends! While you could meet your new best friend at any of our events, Meet and Mingle will bring together students from all walks of life in a relaxing environment. You’ll also have the chance to speak to your new coursemates in an informal setting, and our Sabbatical Officer team, who can’t wait to meet you!

Entertainment and activities to keep conversations flowing, refreshing food and drinks plus a friendly game or two will all be provided so that you have everything you need to meet and mingle with your new Royal Holloway community.