Advice Centre Checklist

Our Advice Centre has put together a handy checklist for you to make sure you’re all ready for the year ahead, and to refer back to should any issues arise throughout your studies.

By now you’ve hopefully had a chance to meet your new house and coursemates, and are starting to settle into the academic year.

Our Advice Centre has put together a handy checklist for you to make sure you’re all ready for the year ahead, and to refer back to should any issues arise throughout your studies.

Remember you can access free, impartial and confidential advice from our Advice Centre at any time during your studies. To speak to an advisor, please email us at, or come along to one of our drop-ins during the week. Find out more information about the drop-in sessions on our events calendar.

Have you visited the Students’ Union website to find out what’s on offer?

Check out the Advice Centre section for information on academic, housing, wellbeing issues and more! You can also view information about clubs and societies, what our sabbs are up to, and of course, all the events we have on offer. 

Do you know your Students’ Union represents your academic interests?

Course, department and school reps listen to your feedback and look to make positive changes that improve your educational experience. Find out more about how to get involved

Are you an international student needing advice with your visa?

The International Student Support team at the university have expert advisors on hand to help with all visa-related queries. Remember to keep the university informed if you’re going to be absent from your studies for any reason, as you may be putting your student visa at risk. You can contact the team by emailing

Have you applied for student finance or looked at financial support?

If there are issues with your student finance, contact Student Finance England first. If you still need help, the Student Fees team can help you. Contact them by emailing, and read more about student finance.

Are you having problems with assessments or exams?

If you’re struggling with referencing or other academic skills, you can access a number of resources on Moodle through the Skills Gateway. If you need support with a disability or learning difficulty, get in touch with the Disability and Neurodiversity team. You can also submit Extenuating Circumstances throughout the year if you have issues affecting your academic work. You can read our guidance about Extenuating Circumstances, and email us at for more support with your application.  

Have you met your personal tutor?

Every student should have a named member of academic staff in their department who is their main point of contact for any course-related issues. If you’re not sure who your personal tutor is, contact your school

Do you need mental health or wellbeing support while studying?

The Wellbeing team at the university is here to offer support throughout your studies. Email them at or join one of their daily drop-ins 11am-2pm during term time to speak to a member of the team. We also have a number of resources available on our website which may be helpful. 

Have you registered with the health centre?

Don’t wait until you get sick to register with a GP. You can easily register with the on-campus Health Centre online.

Do you have problems with your current accommodation or need advice about renting next year?

We have loads of information on our website about looking for, living in, and leaving private accommodation. If you have a specific query, please email and an advisor will be in touch. 

Are you having financial issues?

The Financial Wellbeing team at the university are on hand to help you access financial support if needed. Contact them at

Are you checking your university emails regularly?

By now you’ve probably got the hang of accessing your university email address. Remember to check it regularly, as important updates from the Students’ Union and the university are sent there. If you are having issues with your account, contact the IT Service Desk

Have you visited the employability & careers service?

The Careers service can give you guidance for your future career and also help you to find part-time work during your studies. Check out their online portal for more information, advice, and job listings.