Big Bears Wednesday Round Up

Last week, sports clubs across campus battled for a win in their BUCS fixtures. VP Societies & Sport Alastair brings you a report of all the scores!

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Every term, we host Big Bears Wednesday, an afternoon full of sports fixtures accompanied by food, music, and the best vibes available in January. Last week, Royal Holloway absolutely smashed it. 

Of the 15 home fixtures on the day, Royal Holloway won 13. That’s a staggering 87% win rate! 

The Results

  • Tennis Mens 2nd vs UCL | 5 – 1 
  • Football Mens 3rd vs St Mary’s | 1 – 0  
  • Lacrosse Womens 1st vs Sussex | 30 – 3 
  • Volleyball Womens 1st vs Surrey | 3 – 0 
  • Football Womens 1st vs Portsmouth | 5 – 0  
  • Football Mens 4th vs Queen Mary’s | 6 – 3  
  • Hockey Womens 1st vs Portsmouth | 5 – 2 
  • Netball Womens 1st vs Sussex | 38 – 20 
  • Badminton Mens 2nd vs Hertfordshire | 7 – 1  
  • Badminton Womens 1st vs Brighton | 5 – 3  
  • Hockey Mens 2nd vs Imperial | (score not on BUCS) 
  • Ultimate Mixed 1st vs Imperial | 14 – 10 

Women’s Rugby made a good showing, however unfortunately it wasn’t enough to take down the top team in their league, Kent. Alongside this, Netball 4s had to concede a walkover against Brunel, but if you ask me they definitely would have won if the match went ahead.

Achievements for our Bears

Women’s Volleyball absolutely dominated Surrey's second team, setting them up in a great position to contest their Varsity game in March. Women’s Badminton continued their domination and are yet to lose a game going into their South Eastern Quarter Final match. Ultimate Frisbee beat Imperial to confirm their number 1 position in London.  

The performance behind every single one of these fixtures has been incredible, and each team has their own story of playing for league promotions. Some of our teams have been making huge strides into knockout cup tournaments as well, qualifying nine teams for the South Eastern Quarter Finals, and another 9 teams in the London Semi-Finals!

If you’ve achieved sporting success on or off-campus with your club, don’t forget to Shout About It! to be featured in the monthly Student Opportunities Newsletter and nominate yourself or your club for an award at Colours Ball!

My role as VP Societies & Sport has shown me how successful our Bears can be. In the lead-up to Varsity 2024, let’s not forget to celebrate our clubs, and be proud of the successes our Bears achieve. #COYB #LetsGetVarsityReady