Blog: LGBTQ+ History Month

LGBTQ+ History Month is here! February is a month where we celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, everything from the systematic oppression that LGBTQ+ individuals experience on a daily basis to major accomplishments that have been erased from history.

This year, LGBTQ+ History Month’s official theme is ‘Geography: Mapping the World’. Together with our very own LGBT+ Society, we will be exploring the hidden voices of LGBTQ+ communities across the world and reflect on how LGBTQ+ individuals are disproportionately affected by social and political changes, both locally and globally.

Why is LGBTQ+ History Month important?

Did you know that being LGBTQ+ is still criminalized and punishable by death in 8 countries? In the last two years, the UK government rejected over 73% of 3,535 asylum applications made by people fleeing persecution at least partly based on their sexual orientation.

This is the reason why we continue to celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month with pride. Living in the UK means we are privileged enough to be able to speak openly about different sexualities and gender identities without fear of legal punishments.

This means we have to take every chance we get to speak and act in solidarity with those whose voice is silenced.

While we look at these statistics, let us also remember the violence and discrimination that disproportionately affects LGBTQ+ people of colour, disabled people and especially transgender people. In celebrating minority voices during LGBTQ+ History Month, our collective voices will bring greater acceptance for LGBTQ+ individuals of all backgrounds.

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Willow Wong
Vice-President, Welfare and Diversity