SU Elections: Meet the Candidates

Find out who is running to become your new Sabbatical Officers and School Reps for the 2023/2024 academic year.


Manifestos and headshots submitted, it’s finally time to announce the official candidate shortlist for this year’s SU Elections.

Our candidates are striving to drive change and make a difference by being the voice of students on campus, and they will soon be campaigning to secure your vote for our four full-time Sabbatical Officer roles, as well as our part-time School Rep positions.

Meet the candidates


  • Ajit Sharma
  • Hannah Hockin
  • Malik Yahya Khan
  • Muscab Salad
  • Olivia Little
  • Vaishnavi Vajja
  • Yasmine Jamison

Vice President Education

  • Ashna Salman
  • Francesca Hailey
  • Scarlett Proudfoot
  • Sharanya Sivarajah
  • Zaman (Prince)

Vice President Wellbeing & Diversity

  • Amber Ahmed
  • Daniyal Ahsen
  • Kayleigh Fryer
  • Krisanth Thilak
  • Mawadda Edbagi
  • Nisha Bundhun

Vice President Societies & Sport

  • Alastair Copland
  • Caitlin Scott
  • Lily Jackaman
  • Mueed Aamir
  • Oscar Mitchell
  • Thomas Atkinson

School Rep (Business & Management)

  • Martin Kapusta
  • Qandeel Rajpar

School Rep (Engineering, Physical & Mathematical Sciences)

*No candidates running for this role

School Rep (Humanities)

  • Jack Masters
  • Khadijah Sobrany

School Rep (Law & Social Sciences)

  • Oliver Case

School Rep (Life Sciences & the Environment)

  • Isabella Neergaard

School Rep (Performing & Digital Arts)

*No candidates running for this role


Every position within the election also has a candidate listed as re-open nominations, or R.O.N. for short. This role is a way for you to declare that you don't feel any of the candidates would be fit for office and that you instead feel nominations should be re-opened at a later date to allow new candidates to come forward.

Read the candidate manifestos

Voting information

Voting opens at 10am on Tuesday 7 March, and closes on Thursday 9 March at 2pm, with the eagerly anticipated Results Night taking place the same night, as you find out who you’ve chosen to lead the Students’ Union in 2023/24.