Five Great Promotional Videos From SU Elections

With the elections around the corner, here is a list of the best promotional videos from previous SU Elections to get you in the mood!

SU Election week is known to many as a hectic period of campaigning, with the candidates keen to showcase what they have to offer to the student population. This can range from sporting an outrageous attire, utilising props and posters and giving out merchandise to voters.

Across various campaigns there are a few that have stood out, embodied in the form of an election video. These have garnered a ton of attention not only within the campus, but also nationwide, allowing the candidates to raise their profile and in turn their campaign. Here is a list of our favourite campaign videos:

Jason Michalski, Co-President of Sports & Development – Royal Holloway

If you haven’t seen this video, you’ve probably been living under a rock. Having brought attention from a variety of media giants such as the Huffington Post, the Independent, BBC Radio 1 and more, this campaign video has garnered over 88,000 views online. It is highly praised by many for the effort, creativity, original lyrics and the appearance of Colossus the Bear!


Alex Reilly, Co-President of Educations & Campaigns – Royal Holloway

The previously elected Co-President, Sports & Development, Alex Reilly, decided to take a new approach to his re-election campaign, producing this masterpiece in the process. Although it hasn’t gathered the same level of media attention as his predecessor, it still conveys a high level of production quality, commitment and originality.


“Irish Brian”, Vice President, Welfare & Community – University of Lincoln

Just like many things in life, such as the dab, sometimes things are so cringe-worthy that they’re good. Bringing in over 44,000 views on YouTube and airtime on Radio 1, this election video is a prime example utilising an obviously strong vocal performance. It uses elements of humour, whilst still communicating the proposed policies effectively.


Johnny Lawrence, Students’ Union President – University of Nottingham

This election campaign video can certainly be marked as weirdly entertaining and passionate. With various references to popular culture such as Harry Potter, Steve Irwin and Rocky Balboa. 


Tom Dixon, Education Officer – University of Leeds

Taking inspiration from Les Misérables’, Tom Dixon creates a reworked version of the musical’s most famous song, presenting “Do you hear the students sing”. The budget election video mirrors scenes from the musical, with groups of students following the candidate. It exemplifies a more clean-cut approach to election videos, mixed in with a jolly outlook to the future.


Head over to the election website to see all of their manifestos. Campaigning has kicked off and voting opens on Monday 26 February. This is your chance to help shape the future of your SU and every vote counts. Who will lead your Union?