Get to Know Your President

Former VP Societies and Sport, Hannah Hockin is excited for her second year as a Sabbatical Officer. As President, Hannah will stand up for students' interests in campus facilities, safety, wellbeing, and education.

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About me

Hi! I’m Hannah and I’m your President for 2023/24.

Last year, I was the Vice President Societies and Sport. It was a load of fun as well as chaos (good chaos though). I loved working with student groups and getting involved in a variety of events like Varsity, Society Awards, and Colours Ball. And yes, I cried in front of 550 people at Colours Ball, just to confirm they were happy tears.

As a student, I studied Biomedical Sciences and was part of the Swimming Club. I started as the Campaigning Officer for the Swimming Club in my second year and then took on the role of Swimming Vice President in my third year. Being part of a student group really opened up a variety of opportunities such as taking part in charity events such as a swimming club championship and being a guest on Strictly Come Holloway. As well as encouraging body positivity and creating an inclusive environment within the club.

Why I ran for President

Long story short, it kinda stemmed as a running joke with my friends. I would say in my first year ‘oh I’ll run for VP’ and my friends would always respond with ‘don’t do that, you’ll get stuck in Egham for life’. And guess what I did, I ran for VP Societies and Sport.

I would say my main motivation for running for a Sabbatical Officer role is being able to make a difference and improve student experience. As well as this, I ran for President because honestly, I didn’t want to leave Royal Holloway and I knew I still had so much to give. I also wanted a chance at leading a team and getting involved with national campaigns.

My Manifesto

This year, I have four main areas that I want to work on:

  • Student Safety - Ensuring feedback is acted on, spiking awareness training for security, and increased safety messaging in SU venues.
  • Campus facilities - To ensure our campus is an accessible and safe place by working with the Disabled Students Community Officer and Commuting Students Community Officer.
  • GP Surgery and Wellbeing Services - Sharing student feedback with the teams to ensure students are receiving the right support.
  • Education - Ensuring students have transparency regarding academic misconduct and rights.

What I’m excited for

This year, I also have a focus on Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance as well as work with preventing/addressing Sexual Harassment. I’m super excited to run a SHAG (Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance) week which will hopefully reach and help lots of people and de-stigmatise and remove the taboo around sex.

And last but definitely not least, I’m so excited to work with the amazing Sabbatical Officer team and to see what we all achieve this year <3

My top tips

  • Don’t be afraid to try something new.
  • Always ask if there’s a student discount.
  • You will get freshers’ flu - be prepped with tissues, painkillers, etc.
  • And remember to rest your social battery (don’t forget to look after yourself).

Stand up for students

Do you want to play a lead role within the Students’ Union and help improve life on campus for students? Are you passionate about creating the most welcoming and inclusive environment to nurture student life and lead campaigns that create long-lasting change? If so, we think you would be the perfect candidate to run for a Sabbatical Officer position in the Leadership Elections 2024! Keep an eye out for more information coming soon!

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at