#HealthyU: Getting Your Five A Day

It’s transformation Tuesday, and today we want you to transform you’re eating habits! Why treck all the way to Tesco’s in Egham when we have everything you need on campus? Tuesdays are market days down at the SU with a huge range of affordable fruit and veg up for grabs. So with that in mind, what I thought I would do today is give you some simple easy fruit smoothie recipes. Smoothies are all the rage at the moment with blenders costing as little as £20. The truth is smoothies taste great are super quick to make and are a great way of getting your 5 a day in. So here’s three simple recipes to get you started on the smoothie trend!

Raspberries – banana – strawberries – blueberries – ice - soy milk



Banana - kiwi – spinach – mango - spirulina powder - soy milk/water



Apple – mango – pear – cucumber – pineapple - ice, water



Banana - Peanut butter - Coco powder OR chocolate protein powder - milk OR soy milk



Feel free to swap out the milk with soy milk, almond milk, etc or water and you can always use frozen fruit to make your smoothies thicker and cooler. Obviously these are just a few ideas to get you started and we would love to hear more! Send us in your smoothie recipes with a photo of the ingredients/ finished smoothie to be entered into the prize draw to win a £20 voucher for the fruit and veg market!

Like what you see here? Head to Tommy’s Lounge today between 11 and 2pm to make your own FREE smoothies!