Introducing the Union Workshop: Have Your Say!

If you feel that your input can help make significant improvements to the SU, then attending the Union Workshop could be your chance to get your message across!

You told us that you would like to have more of a say on the things that we do, and the Union Workshop was created to do just that!

Union Workshops give you the chance to feed directly into projects that impact you and to help shape projects we’re planning to deliver in the future, all with low level commitment from you. All you need to do is take a look at the topics we’re discussing, and if you’re interested, register for a free ticket!

Some examples of themes we’re going to be discussing over the next few workshops vary from the evening events, the Advice Centre and even future Summer Balls. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or never dropped by, as long as you have an opinion, we want to hear from you!

What will be discussed?

The first Union Workshop will take place from 14:30-16:30 in the EWD Event Space on Monday 24 February and we’ve identified the following three themes based on your feedback throughout the year so far:

  • Security Review: In this section, we’ll be focusing on your experiences with security at the SU or Medicine. We want to hear them, good or bad, as well as specific areas you’d like to see improvements in to ensure a better experience.
  • Evening Events: Evening events are a staple of any Union life and we’ve been diversifying some of our offerings through unique nights at Medicine. But, we want to hear from you. What events are we missing? Who are the rising artists that you want to see on stage?
  • Tickets & Wristbands: We’ll be exploring the current journey you go through when purchasing tickets and some of the thinking behind it before considering what improvements we can make based on suggestions provided by you.

What happens next?

After every Union Workshop we’ll take your input and turn it into a solid list of actions to go away and work on. We’ll provide an update of everything we accomplish and where your suggestions have been directly implemented, celebrating you!


To attend the Union Workshop, you just need to pick up a free ticket by clicking the link below.

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