Uni 101: Study, Socialise and Relax on Campus

Location, location, location… where are the top spots on campus? SU President, Hannah walks you through all the best places to study, socialise and relax at Royal Holloway.

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Location, location, location… where are the top spots on campus?

This is your guide to the best places on campus from areas to study to the most iconic Pinterest locations (PSA: you will end up posting at least one Instagram story or post of Founder's). I’ve been here for over four years now, some may call me an Egham veteran, so these are in my opinion the best places to visit on the Royal Holloway campus.

Places to study

Founder's Reading Room

Now, if you want to feel like you’re at Hogwarts or fancy a blast from the past, Founder's Reading Room otherwise known as Founder's Library is the place to go. Though it is a bit tricky to find in Founder's Building off South Quad. I’d recommend following the signs because I probably will confuse you more than help.

By the way, I found a couple of posts of Founder's Reading Room on Pinterest!



Emily Wilding Davidson Building

Founder's Reading Room may not be your cup of tea or you just couldn’t find it. Well, may I suggest the Library (its formal name is Emily Wilding Davidson Building for reference). It has a selection of pretty much everything from silent study to group study and even a chill-out zone which has bean bags and plants. And it’s easy to find, opposite Founder's so I’d be shocked if you managed to get lost.

The Library can get pretty busy especially during exam season so make sure you’re there by about 10am to grab the good seats.

Shilling Building

Now this is a gem that I didn’t find until my third year… poor from me but my degree was during the middle of a pandemic, so a lot of my studying was at home. I found that Shilling was a great space for a change of scenery and seemed to be pretty quiet when the Library was jam-packed. The outside of the building does remind me of a spaceship but I guess it suits the industrial vibes.



Places to eat

Now you’ve found your study space but what about snacks or just something to motivate you to study?

Tommy’s Kitchen - Tommy’s Kitchen has had a revamp, once you're on campus make sure you come and check it out, including the new menu!

The Packhorse - Did someone say double down Tuesday? Yes, The Packhorse is the place to go if you’re looking for a good deal, especially on a Tuesday. I hope the The Packhorse Manager reads this and enjoys the Double Down Tuesdays promo.

Crosslands - I’ve never been a Crosslands girlie I won’t lie but I have heard good things. Bacon butties and jacket potatoes - yum (that might be changing when term starts so don’t quote me).

The Boilerhouse - The perfect place for a coffee and to catch up on any work. You’ll also catch the SU staff grabbing a coffee or sausage roll around 11am. The sausage rolls are genuinely the best around. They’re so good in fact, I was at a party one time, and someone was dressed as a Boilerhouse sausage roll - that's proper commitment.

The Hub - Inside the Hub, you have Kimiko which is 10/10, uni catering and Imagine for bubble tea.

Hopefully, that gives you a rundown on some of the catering outlets we have on campus. Oh, also I forgot to mention if you’re looking for something quick to eat or a snack, we do have the SU Shop which can be found in the Emily Wilding Davidson Building. You can also find Café on The Square aka COTS in the library which is a Starbucks, perfect if you need a caffeine boost.

Cute Pinterest spots

The pond and waterfall

I couldn’t find any cute pics on Google but I promise this is one of the best places to read a book or to have a peaceful walk around.

They’ve done a brilliant job on the restoration project and this area really is a hidden treasure, reminds me of a secret garden. So, make sure it’s on your list to get a cute pic!

Founder's Building

And of course, how can I forget beautiful Founder's. At the heart of Royal Holloway is Founder's Building - the ultimate photo opp. Built back in 1886, Founder's 

Disclaimer: I did nab most of these pictures (it’s shameful). But don’t worry, I will be filming an Instagram reel on all the top spots so keep an eye on my socials @rhsupresident!

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