VP Socs & Sport Term Two Update

Term 2 has been a busy term with events planning, Leadership Elections, and some of my biggest projects for the year!

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Term 2 has been a busy one with events planning, Leadership Elections, and some of my biggest projects for the year!

In January, Varsity Filming took over a lot of my time and effort, getting 18 Sports groups to sign up and film at the Sports Centre. Outside of this, I ran a Sports Focus Group, had a stand at the Central London Campus open day, filmed a day in the life reel, and spent three whole days in different BUCS-related meetings!

For the first half of February, I spent time catching up with the work I had missed the month prior, including meeting with groups, getting back to emails, engaging with NUS, meeting with different university departments, and I was even able to travel to Parliament to represent and lobby for Student issues around university housing.
The second half was almost entirely Colours Ball preparation! Student Opportunities meetings, social media & emails, the nomination panel, and writing so many speeches (it totalled over 3,000 words!). I was really happy with the event we ran!

Finally, in March, while there was a build-up to Varsity, a majority of my work around the Media had been done, and it was just getting the content out. The Leadership Elections took up some time and attention alongside this.  Hosting Results Night, and hosting Colours Ball was a blast. I showed the Varsity trailer to the Principal Julie Sanders and got to work organising the upcoming Festival of Languages and Cultures in the summer.

I thought it couldn’t get much busier after Term 1, but Term 2 has been something else! Term 3 will hopefully be a bit easier (although I said the same thing about Term 2 at Christmas!!), and I’m planning on spending the month working on and implementing changes I’ve learnt over the year so that the 2024/25 year can be even better.