Student Opportunities

Student Opportunities Manager - Dan Curran -

Societies & Media Groups Coordinator - Laura Black

Events & Give It A Go Coordinator - Alison Baker / / Facebook: Alison Baker SU

Helpdesk Coordinator - Sophie Bury

Student Opportunities Assistant - Julia Saunders

Student Opportunities Committee (SOC)

What is Student Opportunities Committee?

Your Student Opportunities Committee is a group of elected students from different areas of student group activity that is there to represent you, your interests, and your societies/clubs/outlets. Whether you’re a member of a student group, part of a committee, or just want to know how to get involved, SOC is your first port of call for anything and everything to do with Student Opportunities.

Their main duties consist of gathering feedback and ideas from committee members of improvements we can make or things they love, running and assisting with campaigns, supporting events, and most importantly ratifying new student groups.

Student Group Mail

All student group mail is kept at the Union Helpdesk. Student group SU email accounts will be notified when mail arrives at the Students’ Union, with committee members expected to collect it at their earliest convenience.

Student Opportunities Email

The Student Opportunities email is used for all general enquiries related to student groups, the Passport Award and storage, as well as where all events proposals and risk assessments, membership queries and student group purchases/claims should be sent.

Union Helpdesk

At the Helpdesk we deal with all sorts of enquiries:

  • Helping students with their enquiries and either resolving them here at the Helpdesk or directing them to a different department
  • Making appointments for students with the Advice Centre
  • Helping people drop/pay in money for clubs and societies
  • Wristband collection for SU club night events
  • Booking Union Buses
  • Answering phone calls
  • Checking emails
  • Issuing TOTUM cards for students and College staff
  • Dealing with lost property and emailing students when their belongings are here
  • Taking payments for tickets/memberships when students have problems with their online account
  • General enquiries

The Union Helpdesk is open Monday - Friday from 09:00 - 17:00 during term time.

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