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We recognise that all our students have a talent that they shine in. Be it passionate debating on current world issues to shooting the winning goal in the BUCS final… or perhaps you have dancing abilities that would make Craig Revel Horwood score more than a four?

That’s where a Student Opportunities membership comes in. Our one, two and three year packages enable you to join one of over 130 sports clubs, societies and media outlets on campus, each with their individual area of focus and unique personalities. Get involved and meet new people today.

You are entitled to join one or multiple groups with this membership but please be aware that, in addition to this membership, each group will have their own separate membership fee.

Why do you have to pay for a Student Opportunities Membership?

The Student Opportunities membership contributes to the ‘behind the scenes’ costs that go into supporting the success of each student group. This covers everything from arranging coaching contracts, booking training and fixtures, and transport hire, to health and safety, and support with putting on events and trips. Your membership fee also ensures that you are fully insured for the activity that you take part in as part of a student group.

In addition, individual groups set their own membership fee, which contributes to the running cost of the group for the year (i.e. coach/instructor fees, facility hire costs, transport costs). This ranges from £3 for some societies, through to £250 for some sports clubs.

Discounted membership

If you're looking to join a student group, you can grab a one year Student Opportunities membership for just £8 that will cover you until the end of the 2019/20 academic year. Simply add one to your basket below!

Please note, both Student Opportunities membership and individual group memberships expire every year on 31 July. For example, if you were to buy a one year membership in January, it will still expire on 31 July of that academic year, rather than 365 days later.

Student Opportunities Membership 1 Year

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Normally: £12.00Online price: £8.00
This membership is required to become a member of a Sports Club, Society or Media Outlet and lasts for 1 Year.

Student Opportunities Membership 2 Year

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Price: £21.00
This membership is required to become a member of a Sports Club, Society or Media Outlet and lasts for 2 Years.

Student Opportunities Membership 3 Year

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Price: £30.00
This membership is required to become a member of a Sports Club, Society or Media Outlet and lasts for 3 Years.

Information for under 18s

As a Students’ Union, we are consistently improving our policies and procedures to ensure activity is accessible and inclusive for all members. A recent result of this has been updating our Safeguarding Policy which, in turn, includes the limited number of under 18s at Royal Holloway University who wish to engage with RHSU student groups, including sports clubs, societies and media outlets.

As a priority, the Students’ Union must ensure that the following considerations have been taken into account where an under 18 (or vulnerable person) would like to join a student group:

i. If any regulated activity might be taking place

ii. What action the group needs to take to manage this

iii. What restrictions might be added to the individual regarding their participation (for example not being able to attend overnight events)

At the point in which an under 18 would like to join a student group, the committee must contact the relevant Coordinator, either Societies & Media Groups Coordinator or Sports Clubs Coordinator, to arrange a meeting to discuss the considerations above.

Please note that groups will not know an under 18 would like to join unless the individual emails them directly to enquire. Therefore, all under 18s who wish to join a student group must email the student group’s SU account to ensure they contact the Student Opportunities team to arrange a meeting. The email addresses from each groups can be found on individual webpages below:



On any occasion that Student Opportunities are informed of an under 18 wishing to join a student group before any contact has been made from the committee, the relevant Coordinator will reach out to the group directly. Until the point where a meeting has been held and guidance issued, under 18s will be automatically prevented from joining any student group via the MSL platform; this includes RHSU’s website, app and Helpdesk service. An under 18 will only be permitted to join the group once a staff member is satisfied that appropriate measures have been introduced, and the actions from the meeting have been agreed in writing.

To emphasise, under 18s are free to join student groups and participate as required. However, a meeting between a staff member and the group must take place as a first point of call. Once this meeting has been held, restrictions currently set to prevent someone under the age of 18 will be lifted. If you have any questions at all around this process, please do not hesitate to contact