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About Us

Pole and Aerial Fitness is a society dedicated to providing opportunities to individuals from any level of athletic background to have fun, get strong and gain confidence.

Our main goal is to offer a safe space to get fit in an exciting way that is not limited by your shape, size, fitness level or skill level. We offer a fun, judgement-free environment where everyone is welcome and are actively encouraged to grow and take part.

We are partnered with the wonderful GemsTone Fitness Studio based in Egham. They offer classes for both pole and the aerial arts, with amazing instructors to teach members with varying levels of experience. 

This is a brilliant opportunity for anyone wishing to get fit, improve their confidence and is a great way to meet like-minded people!
We would love for you to join our family!


All classes run at GemsTone Fitness Studio. You can find their timetable here.

Classes have a limited capacity (10 for pole, 8 for hoop) but you are welcome to attend any class that suits your ability. We offer one university-only class a week for £8 pay-as-you-go - however, these book up pretty quickly! If you want to ensure you can attend aerial classes regularly, you can also purchase a RHUL Term 2/3 Membership on the GemsTone Fitness website for £60. This gives you a code for 33% off all regular aerial classes at the studio (but doesn't include uni-only)!


We have a free Standard Membership that will let you join our exclusive "Members-Only" WhatsApp groupchat.

The Term 1 RHUL Membership is available for £40 and the Term 2/3 RHUL Membership for £60 on the GemsTone website and gives you 1/3 off all regular classes at the studio.

Being a member of our society also guarantees you an invite to all of our socials, performance opportunities, fundraising events, and showcases. Furthermore, being a member will allow you to take part in inter-university competitions like Varsity, Inter-University Pole Dancing Championships (IUPDC), London Pole Varsity (LPV), and Inter-University Aerial Hoop Competition (IUAHC) where you'll be representing Royal Holloway!

Events and Activities

Over the year we will host various events such as:

  • Fundraisers
  • Summer Showcase
  • Inter-University Competitions for Pole and Aerial
  • Performances at the Students' Union
  • Regular Socials, including SU Nights, Picnics, Newcomers Awards Night, and an End of Year Celebration!

Contact Us

We are so excited to welcome you and assist you with any information where we can. Head over to our social media platforms where you can send us a message and we’ll be sure to answer as quickly as we can. We cannot wait to interact with all of you!

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  • Pole and Aerial Fitness Standard Membership (Full Year)£0.00
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