Mises (Mii-sus) Society


"One original thought is worth a thousand mindless quotings"- Diogonese (I do quite enjoy irony)


The Royal Holloway Mises Society (Mii-sus) is dedicated to promoting the value of freedom for all. We percieve the purpose of life to be the obtainment of pleasure regardless of method, the society supports the freedom and madness that was present with the old god Diyonisus.  We the Royal Holloway Mises Society avoid hot topics in favour of siple funny topics such as "is water wet?", "who is the best pagan god?", "why has god abandoned us?". we look for people to consider issues without having to worry about being taken too seriously or having trouble in expressing themselves without risking others opinion of them.

unlike other societies we persue obtainment of knowledge and understanding from shared experience be that drinking, debating or simply having fun.


we are currently still in the process of properly designing weekly socials but have events already planned such as:

. A proper pub crawl

. Debates on different topics 

. Ultimate hide and seek

. Drinks.


No elections are currently running


  • Mises - Standard Membership (Impostor)£0.00


  • Membership Top-up (Bacchus)£5.00
Zak Craig
Neil Harrington
Social Secretary
Andrew Sharp
Owen Harrington