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Mentality is Royal Holloway’s first mental health-focussed student group. Our aim is to challenge the stigmas of mental health, especially for students, which discourage people from seeking help and talking openly about mental health.

We organise events and campaigns run locally, virtually and on campus for students that promote healthy self-image, positive mental health, and suicide awareness through both the University, the Student Union, and the local community.

We also wish to create a permanent mental health base at the Royal Holloway Student Union to address the growing crisis and support the student body over future years.


Our membership button is now live on this page and it's absolutely free - no hidden payments, not now or ever! It was always our aim when establishing the society to provide a free platform for people who cared about mental health and everything we’re working to do to come together and support us.

If you'd like to raise money for us, please get in contact with any of the committee and we'll look at ways in which you can help us and our cause.

Events and Activities

Given the latest Covid-19 social distancing restrictions, we've had to reevaluate our socials as well as our various plans for fundraising events from the classic pub quiz, a bingo night, karaoke events.

However, don't despair!  As a committee, we are looking at organising other virtual events for you to get involved with and we'll keep you updated of any other fun and unusual events that the committee can dream up.

On top of that, we are looking at organising Q&As and Panels with leading mental health advocates and potentially also creating further material to destigmatise mental health. Discussions are also taking place to host a weekly Insanity radio show.

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William Stratton
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Genevieve Sim
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