Middle Eastern & North African (MENA)


The Middle Eastern and North African Society serves to celebrate and increase awareness on both the similarities and differences between all aspects of Arab, North African, and Persian cultures. This society will provide its members, inclusive of all ethnicities, with an opportunity to create a network with fellow MENA individuals allowing both social and professional connections, creating a safe space to learn, embrace, and share our customs and cultures.

We aim to create a community for MENA individuals to feel welcome and at home in, with a broad variety of different activities to suit anyone’s preferences. This will include social events such as dinners and game nights, but also events that encourage discussion and debate to further our success as a community.

Anyone interested in MENA culture, from any background or ethnicity, is welcome to attend the events and/or buy membership. However buying membership would allow free access to most of the years events. 



  • MENA movie nights 
  • Game nights 
  • Football matches 
  • Bellydancing sessions (girls) 
  • Dabke sessions
  • Events with guest speakers 
  • Debate Nights
  • Henna Nights
  • Fundraising events for charity
  • MENA ball
  • Cuisine Nights
  • Shisha Nights
  • Inter Uni Events 
  • Dinners

No elections are currently running


  • MENA Standard Membership£5.00
Events Manager
Nour Abdelhafiz
Saba Mohammadi
Yasmin Alchihimi
Social Media Manager
Donya Karimi
Raya Merhej
Vice President
Zaid Khayal