Hong Kong Society

Hello! We are the committe members for 2021-22. It is nice to meet you all!


Hong Kong society brings in a friendly atmostphere into the campus, we would like to share the culture and show you what it is so unique about Hong Kong. As the committe's members, bringing everyone together is our duty. We hope everyone enjoy the events we run during through out the year. We look forward seeing every single of you very soon!!


How much do you know about Hong Kong? Here is a little background information for you. Hong Kong was a Bristish colony, also known as 'The Pearl of the East'. Hong Kong' view is defineitly one of the most beautiful views in the world. A place that is surrounded by different skyscapes and the habour which named under The Queen Victoria, this is exactly what makes it a special place. 


Are you interested in the culture and the place? If so, this is defineitly the right place for you! You don't have to be from Hong Kong to join the society, but to share your voice with us.


We cannot wait to see you all in our events!!


No elections are currently running


  • Hong Kong Standard Membership£5.00
External Vice President
Ryan Mok Mok
Internal Vice President
Venus Ng
Richard Liu
Public Officer
Bernice Cham
Audrey Wong
Steffi Lam