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Hello and Welcome to Royal Holloway's Eastern European Society.

EES aims to be a place that offers both a social aspect and for us to educate! While we want our Eastern European students to socialise and meet people either from their own countries or similar countries in Eastern Europe, we also wish to be able to educate others on our cultures and make the beauty of Eastern European cultures known to others.

Be it sharing our love for Eastern European cuisine such as Ferges or Gulash to discussing the beautiful sights our countries offer, like Palac Kultury or Castle Bran, we want to be proud of our cultures and show others those wow factors!

Finally, we wish to offer our Eastern European students a place to feel represented and to feel more at home and we welcome anyone who has a liking to Eastern European culture and history.


Some of the events we have planned over the following year

- Eastern European-inspired baking sessions 

- Folklore-themed events such as mug-making

- Group bowling sessions

- EES-inspired Movie nights

- SU/ Medicine nights with an Eastern European theme

- Packhorse sessions

- Cultural discussions and History Sessions

- Language sessions



We advise students to purchase the standard membership to access all our events.

Purchasing our membership will offer you access to our social events throughout the year such as our EES-inspired movie nights or even our quiz nights that everyone who has a membership will be able to attend.

Keep an eye out for upcoming events throughout the year that we will headline on our social media platforms. For now, purchase a membership to display your interest in the society.



Drop us an email at Easterneuropean@royalholloway.su

Our socials are:

- Instagram: rheasterneuropean


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  • Eastern European Standard Membership£5.00

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  • Eastern European Standard Membership£5.00
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