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Welcome to the family! We are Absolute Harmony, Royal Holloway’s very own A Cappella vocal group and reigning Society of the Year!

We perform diverse, original arrangements of chart hits and classics alike! This year’s arrangements included artists like Hozier, Billy Ocean, Panic! At The Disco and Bon Jovi along with many more! Absolutely no experience is necessary and we perform in six parts: Soprano, Mezzo, Alto, Tenor, Bass and Beatbox. If you’re unsure of your vocal part, pop along and we’ll help you find where you belong!

Our smaller, auditioned choir Hardcore Harmony compete at national level, tackling extra technical arrangements and incorporating choreography into performances. Come and try out if you’re feeling enthusiastic!

As a society, we champion inclusivity and accessibility and we have garnered multiple awards for doing so! We love and celebrate one another unconditionally and we cannot wait to welcome you with open arms!


Your Absolute Harmony membership provides you with access to regular weekly rehearsals, which include warmups and advice on technique and vocal health! Furthermore, it allows you to perform at all of our concerts and events, with your name featured in the programme. You will be invited to a number of exclusive members-only workshops and pres throughout the year! In addition to this, you will also gain access to our exclusive private Instagram and calendar, which include exclusive content, tutorials and extra behind-the-scenes fun! You will also get the opportunity to audition for solo parts in our arrangements! As a member of Absolute Harmony, you will become part of an amazing family who share a passion for singing.

Hardcore membership is for auditioned members of Hardcore Harmony and includes access to Hardcore rehearsals as well as entry into competitions and festivals, plus additional workshops to develop movement and technique.

Events and Activities

In light of COVID-19, our events calendar may look a little different to previous years but we promise that it will be just as fun-filled! We would love you to join us at our fantastic events, including:

  • Weekly rehearsals on Mondays from 6pm-8pm to prepare for our incredible termly concerts and performances.
  • Socially distanced pub socials at The Happy Man every week after rehearsal.
  • Themed house parties/pres (subject to social distancing guidelines).
  • A variety of super-safe, socially distanced Freshers events such as bookable taster sessions, online range tests, ‘Meet Your Vocal Part’ socials, an outdoor garden party, a picnic, and trips into Egham to show our lovely newbies around!
  • Our annual week-long festival Acapalooza, which celebrates all things A Cappella and is filled with incredible socials, quizzes, public performances, workshops, karaoke nights and LOTS of music!
  • Invitations to our termly meals to celebrate our achievements in style.
  • Flashmobs and outdoor performances on campus and in the community!
  • Collaborative concerts with other Performing Arts societies as well as A Cappella choirs from around the world - and, of course, an invite to the afterparty! (Last year we collaborated with the Harvard Callbacks and the Princeton Footnotes!)
  • We finish the year with a BANG on our annual Tour! Past destinations have included Malta, Tenerife and Malaga! We get the opportunity to perform with choirs from all over the world and to take our passion for A Cappella international! There is also a chance to explore the destination as well as visiting attractions such as Water Parks!
  • Hardcore Harmony participate in national competitions with other A Cappella choirs, providing the opportunity to meet and perform with other amazing choirs!o working on collaborations with sports and cause societies to make sure more people feel the benefits of yoga practice and theory, as well as fundraising opportunities and involvements in key campaigns across the Student’s Union.


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Our committee ABSOLUTELY cannot wait to welcome new members this year! 

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  • Absolute Harmony - Hardcore Membership (Term Two/Three)£4.00
  • Absolute Harmony - Standard Membership (Term Two/Three)£5.00

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  • Absolute Harmony - Hardcore Membership (Term Two/Three)£4.00
  • Absolute Harmony - Standard Membership (Term Two/Three)£5.00
Community Welfare Officer
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Musical Directors
Alexandra Brockbank
Eleanor Phillips
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Publicity Officer
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Social Secretary
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Vice President
Isabelle van der Velden