The art of Bhangra combines folk music and dance which originated in the Punjab region of India and once Pakistan. In its earliest form, bhangra was performed during the celebration of harvest with the use of live music and traditional instruments.

In the present day, Bhangra has provided a voice and identity to many who celebrate the culture of Punjab across the world. At Royal Holloway Bhangra, we hope to introduce the grace, excitement, and creativity that bhangra can offer. 

The society holds open classes, weekly practices, and events that aim to inspire and teach you about bhangra in its many forms. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come along! (no prior dance experience needed)

Classes take place regularly throughout Term 1 and 2 and will be run by professional dancers on campus. Everyone starts with the basics and works their way up to more complex moves together.

Social events:
Meet and Greet – Come along to our first event to meet other likeminded individuals interested in learning about bhangra. A short presentation will be conducted along with mixer games.

Taster Class – Our taster class is specially organised for members and non-members to provide an initial experience of what bhangra is like

Freshers Night out – Pres, SU night and hopefully we convince the DJ to play some bhangra music!

Annual Quiz night – Held on campus, students are put into teams to compete against each other in different rounds of bhangra related questions, having attended the classes helps give you an edge!

Desi Beatz nights – We’ve teamed up with Desi Beatz events who organise coaches and tickets that take us to brilliant nightlife events in London and other large cities around the UK. These nights are a great way to show off your bhangra skills and meet other bhangra dancing students from other universities.


Royal Holloway Bhangra has competed in both The Bhangra Showdown and Capital Bhangra. This is where university bhangra teams take part in competing against each other for the glory of holding a trophy at the end of weeks training. On occasions where we do not participate, the society travels as a group to these competitions to support friends and family and enjoy the afterparty.


Student member - £7

Student non-member - £2 (per class)

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