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If you love your biological science degree and want to meet like-minded people, then BioSoc is the place for you. We are a group of organismal and molecular biologists keen to share ideas and socialise with other students interested in biology, whether they study it or not!

BioSoc is an amazing opportunity to meet and create lifetime friends who all have a vested interest in a biological science stream, and as a super friendly and relaxed society, there is a place for everyone who wants to get involved. BioSoc is open to everyone so don't worry if you aren't doing a biology degree!  We love meeting new people who can share a different way of thinking so come along!!

Events and Activities

The core activities of BioSoc include regular meet-ups, student study opportunities, and student-staff events. We are very focused on creating a buzzing atmosphere to really bring the department together and making events to cater to everyone. BioSoc is prepared for moving to online events should it be required. This includes documentary and drinks nights, quizzes and picnics among other socials. Other planned events include a trip to Greece (keep an eye on this as it's currently in the approval stage!), pub meets, museum trips and so many other exciting projects in the works!  Some of these activities require buying tickets however these are discounted for Premium Membership holders and other extra bonuses are included!

Contact Us

We have set up many different ways for our Freshers to contact us nearer the start of term. You can keep posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages or email us at To keep up to date with everything we’ve made a collaborative calendar where you can see real-time updates for socials (talks, trips, pub nights, etc.) on TeamUp  We also have a link tree that has all the important links in one place. This is on our insta bio as well:

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