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We are Comedy Society! A lot of us perform stand-up comedy, and all of us are up for a laugh. Every Thursday at 18.30 we have a workshop, where members can try out material, and others can give feedback in a low-pressure environment. We may also discuss comedy theory/ what makes something funny or chat about and watch comedians we rate. We then host regular shows, which are free of charge and have been well-received, once attracting this overview from the Orbital:

"The Comedy Society evidently allows uniqueness to flourish in the club. The performers were a charming cacophony of personality swimming in a vat of wit and humour."

Past members have gone on to make a splash in the UK comedy scene, or have been making them whilst still in the society; could this be you?

In these times of coronavirus, humour is an asset; we are the relief everyone needs.


Purchasing a membership costs five pounds and will give you access to our workshops. In my experience (Arch, President here) I've found these to be invaluable in giving me confidence and harnessing my talent as a comedian; five pounds for a year of workshops is certainly not an opportunity that many aspiring comedians are afforded! Your membership fee might:

  • Help us to bring in guest speakers/ workshop leaders of comedic expertise
  • Help us book venues to perform at
  • Enable us to collaborate with other university comedy societies
  • Go towards social events

Events and Activities

Over the course of the year events will include:

  • Our critically acclaimed stand-up comedy shows
  • Film nights!
  • Insanity-Radio-related events
  • Trips to see comedy
  • Pub visits (drinking not compulsory)
  • Socials with comedy societies from other universities
  • Complying with covid guidelines

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Contact us here if you're interested!

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