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The Conservative Association of Royal Holloway is for supporters of the Conservative Party and like-minded individuals who broadly support the Party.

The Association is affiliated with the Association within Runnymede & Weybridge (the constituency for our Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Dr Ben Spencer), wider Young Conservatives (the party's youth movement) & the wider Party as a whole.

While campaigning remains a primary aim, the social side includes a range of events that are sure to create a wide network for you of young professionals, party supporters & even the MP's, MEP's & Councillor's themselves.

Most especially if you choose to join many of the affiliated organisation's events that often take place in London.


The committee is working towards an array of networking, social events, guest speakers & perhaps a formal dinner, all to be held on campus this year. We are also planning to engage with our Alumni of MPs, Members of the Lords, Political Staffers and Lobbiest to create a network of possible work experience to make our members as employable as possible.

Events and Activities

  • Pint & Policy
  • Movie Nights
  • Guest Speakers
  • Policy Forum (proposing policy ideas to the national party from our students)
  • Mock-Parliamentary debates with other Political Societies
  • Campaigning with the local Association and Dr Ben Spencer MP

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  • Conservative Standard Membership£5.00
Shreyas Panditrao
Kurtis Read
Max Darby
Vice President
Rania Elzeiny