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About us

We are Harry Potter Society, and we are hoping to create a fun, engaging and friendly society for the upcoming year. We will hold a variety of events, ranging from sports activities, pub socials, and a ball.

The aim of this society is to embrace everybody, even if you haven't read or watched Harry Potter, but are interested in it, there will be a place for you. We want to uphold the ideals of Harry Potter, and we think we can do this in fun, and maybe even magical ways.

We would love to have you come along for the ride as we explore all there is to know about the Wizarding world.


Our memberships will be split into two terms this year, so if you only want to come in second term because you don't feel safe in first, then you can pay for a reduced membership price that will give you exclusive access for that term.

The membership will give you access to most events we have to offer, there will be events that will be ticketed but your membership will subsidise some of the cost. The membership fee will go towards running the club, and providing funding for any socials we hold.

The membership fee is student-friendly, it will only be a few pounds, and is worth the cost for the memories you will undoubtedly make.

Events and Activities

  • Regular socials *
  • Quiz nights *
  • Sorting Ceremony *
  • Yule Ball
  • Quidditch matches
  • Trip to Warner Brothers Studio
  • 24 hour film night marathon *
  • SU nights
  • Triwizard tournament events

*These events can be done virtually, or with social distancing measures in place

Contact Us

We want to get in contact with as many people as possible, if you are interested, check out or Facebook page, where we will be posting updates on any events we are planning.

If you would like to get in contact with us please either message the Facebook page, or email us at harrypotter@royalholloway.su. We will also be making a group chat for you to join, so get in contact if you are interested!

No elections are currently running


  • Harry Potter Standard Membership£4.00
Events and Social Officer
Mayuree Kumkar
Amy Power
Katherine McGladdery
Luz Sanchez-Real Zielniewicz