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RHUL Islamic Society exists to unite students, staff and members of the community. Our intention is to serve Allah by aiding you throughout university.

RHUL Islamic Society (ISoc) exists to unite students, staff and members of the community. Our intention is to serve Allah by serving you. Whether you need help in adjusting to university, support with you studies or a spiritual boost, the ISoc is here for you.

Knock at the heart of ISoc – RHUL ISoc Prayer Room – if you want to pray or are in need of a friendly face. Alternatively drop us an email via the ‘Contact Us’ page. We work with various other societies, university administration as well as a handful of community organisations.

Our success and activism and generally well-acknowledged presence on campus are all attributed to both dedicated committee and members. “You say you breathe air The air bellows that it breathees you I ask you both to meet With the grace of this one truth You both breathe beautifully, in synergy, in unity, as one.” People from all countries, subjects and beliefs have found a place in ISoc.

This is demonstrated by our close relationship with the Chaplaincy of RHUL. We wish you all the best for your studies and an enjoyable and enriching time here at university. “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do” [Rumi] and join us in our quest to serve Allah by serving you


In order to get a membership of the Islamic Society, we need to buy the student's membership which will then give us access to the membership of islamic society.

The membership structure is designed in a manner by which students of collective interest can enjoy the benefits of the events hosted by the ISOC at all the three terms.

We host events beginning from the first term itself: meet and greet, give students tour of the prayer room, host the annual barbecue night, organize social nights for brothers and sisters separately consisting of quizzes, games night etc.

We lay emphasis to the importance of charity in Islam. Our affiliation with the Islamic Relief Fund UK has allowed us to host events such as bake sale, participate in hikes which is a collective effort put in by the students of universities around UK.

We at Royal Holloway, ourselves put efforts in raising money for the charity by organizing bake sale, hosting annual dinner and creating events with respect to the theme allotted to us by the Charity Week.

We understand that at Royal Holloway, which is a university - an educational institution, where we might feel culturally distant. But such societies help us keep our religious practices and values intact.

A few who want to learn about a new faith- also get an opportunity to learn about a new faith.

Events and Activities

  • Meet and Greet ( Virtually )
  • Barbecue Night ( Under social distancing rule)
  • Bake sale for charity
  • Games night( preferably online keeping Covid under check )
  • Quiz Night
  • Prayer Room tours( still under construction )

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You can contact us on:

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Kasim Hussain
Hamzah Gazi
Publicity Officer
Sania Fatima
Habiba Arafah
Imran Jalal