RHUL Islamic Society (ISOC) exists to unite students, staff and members of the community of all races, religions and backgrounds. Whether you need help in adjusting to campus life, support with your studies or simply a spiritual boost, or if you are interested in engaging with the muslim community at RHUL, the ISOC is here for you.

RHUL ISOC Prayer Room – There is a prayer room for students to pray in and use for their benefit spiritually, as well as a place for meeting new faces within the society.

You can drop us a message on our facebook page.

The ISOC works with various other societies, university administration as well as the campus chaplaincy. Our success and activism and generally well-acknowledged presence on campus are all attributed to both dedicated committee and members.

People from all countries, subjects and beliefs have found a place in ISOC. This is demonstrated by our close relationship with the Chaplaincy of RHUL.

We wish you all the best for your studies and an enjoyable and enriching time here at university.


Meet & Greet: This is the first event of the year where you get to meet the committee and get a feel for the society – This will most likely take place during Freshers week.

Charity Week: Our annual Charity Week commences usually between October and November

Islamic Awareness Week: Our annual Islamic Awareness week commences in February

End of Year BBQ: This is an annual event which usually takes place after the May exam period

Other socials will go on throughout the year so keep updated with our emails and social media pages!

Student Group Elections 2019

This election period will elect all the student leaders within our Student Groups. Covering sports clubs and societies committees, if you are a member of any group you can stand and vote for the committee for the coming year.

904 posts are up for election.

The polls have closed.

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  • Islamic Standard Membership£7.50

Student Opportunities

  • Student Opportunities Membership 1 Year£8.00
  • Student Opportunities Membership 2 Year£21.00
  • Student Opportunities Membership 3 Year£30.00
Charity Representative
Zaynab Aslam
Sulaiman Aslam
Publicity Officer
Zahra Hussain
Maryam Shahid
Social Secretary
Haider Hasnain
Talha Farooqi