The Royal Holloway Italian Society welcomes you. Founded by the Italian community at Royal in 2015, we aim to share and promote the best of Italian culture and skill. If interest in these, this society is for you. We host socials throughout the year to suit a wide range of tastes, please contact us for more details at

Italian or not we welcome you with open arms as you join our growing community. A list of socials we frequently hold are listed below and you can also keep in touch with us via Fb or Ig. There are opportunities waiting for you and we really hope to meet you soon.

The Italian Society Committee for 2020.  

Membership Fees

£2.50 Standard Fee


We offer a variety of cultural-related events which run monthly or fortnightly, subject to demand. As a member of the Italian society you’ll be able to participate in them for free.

If you’re more interested in the social side of Italian culture, or you want to do more than just practice the language, join us for our social events. Those we hold most often are as follows:

  • Medicine Events
  • Pre-drink Socials  
  • Public Speakers
  • Italian Lessons 
  • Field Trips

Regular Meeting Times

The Committee gathers once a week in order to discuss current and upcoming events, and the progress of the Society itself. Committee meetings also provide a time to raise any potential concerns, with a view to solve or improve such situations, and a time to recognise and celebrate any successes. In light of this Society members are also more than welcome to attend. 

No elections are currently running


  • Italian Standard Membership£2.50
Agnese Bray
Riccardo Dellacasa
Social Media Manager
Virginia Guglielmi
Flavio Barile
Vice President
William Valastro