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We are a political society which seeks to provide educational resources for members, give members the resources and opportunities they need to participate in political activities, and host socials where students can meet like-minded people.

We host educational events, where members or guest speakers give presentations about particular topics, and social events, such as pub quiz’s. We seek to get more involved with the Constituency Labour Party this year, and strengthen our political presence. We will therefore be seeking to host events which encourage participation in politics and the Labour Party.

Students should join our society if they are interested in learning more about left wing politics, want to meet like minded people, or get involved with the Labour Party or CLP.


Our membership provides students with multiple opportunities to get involved with the society and the community. We will be electing Liberation Officers (BAME, LGBTQ+, Women’s and Disabilities) as well as a Community Liaison (mostly responsible for communicating with local food banks), Trade Union Liaison Officer, and CLP Liaison Officer. These positions will operate outside of the official committee structure, but will serve as an opportunity for members to get involved in areas which interest them.

We will also be creating an online forum, including a blog, recommended reading list and list of educational presentations from our events. Members will have the opportunity to write for our blog, make recommendations for the reading list, and host their own educational events where the presentation can be uploaded to the forum.

Events and Activities

In the new academic term, we have a range of event ideas to ensure students can make the most of their time at university, including:

  • Educational events, where members or guest speakers will be speaking about issues which are important to them. These will either be online or face to face, depending on the developing situation.
  • Online socials, such as pub quiz’s and virtual discussions, with the hope that more face to face socials can be included in our society.
  • Political activities, such as CLP involvement and socially distanced protests.

Contact Us

We are very excited to welcome incoming fresher's and new Labour Society members in the next academic term!

Make sure to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for up to date information from the society.

Email us at with any questions or concerns you may have.

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  • Labour Standard Membership£2.00

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  • Labour Standard Membership£2.00
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