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We are a political society which brings together supporters and members of the Labour and Co-operative Parties with the aim to campaign to get more Labour representatitves elected locally and nationally

We will also host educational events, where members or guest speakers give presentations about particular topics, and social events, such as pub quizes. We are involved with the local Constituency Labour Party (CLP), and regularly support the work of them and local councillors in campaigns. We will therefore be seeking to host events which encourage participation in politics and the Labour Party.

Students should join our society if they are interested in learning more about politics, want to meet like minded people, or get involved with the Labour Party or CLP.


Membership to the society is annual and is currently priced at £3.50/year. We also thoroughly recomend also joining the Labour Party for a further £3/year to be able to get involved with other party events and our Labour Students' conference.

Membership gives access to all events, including socials, apart from attending Labour Party general meetings which will require a Labour membership.

Our membership provides students with multiple opportunities to get involved with the society and the community. We regularly support councillors, the local food bank, and other charitable causes in the area.

Events and Activities

In the new academic term, we have a range of event ideas to ensure students can make the most of their time at university, including:

  • Political activities, such as CLP involvement, supporting our unionised staff at the college, and lots of election campaigning.
  • Educational events, where members or guest speakers will be speaking about issues which are important to them. These will either be online or face to face.
  • Socials, such as pub quizes and barbaques, sometimes held with other Labour Students' and the CLP
  • An opportunity to send delegates to the annual Labour Students' Conference, this year likely to be held in Manchester.

Contact Us

We are very excited to welcome incoming fresher's and new Labour & Co-op Society members in the next academic term!

Make sure to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for up to date information from the society.

Email us at with any questions or concerns you may have.

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  • Labour & Co-operative Society Standard Membership£3.50

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  • Labour & Co-operative Society Standard Membership£3.50
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