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Our society is a fun packed group, that is especially catered to solely benefit our members. We will be offering events that are both academically based and those that are grounded on creating a safe, fun space for all to enjoy whilst you get to know your other society members.

Sign up to become a member and you’ll enjoy a year filled with meet ups (movie nights, picnics etc.. [of course all socially distanced]), academic talks from professors on extremely interesting relevant topics and (newly introduced) our very first ‘safe space’ (an opportunity for members to de-stress and unwind – while sharing any trials or hardships they wish to disclose to their peer supporters).


Once you sign up to become a member you can expect to enjoy a few perks as your membership will cover all costs of events that take place at and around the university (excluding day trips and events that will later be specified).

There is a single tier system, so all memberships cost the same and will have access to the same events. Your membership fee contributes towards planning and executing events, in order to ensure that members are having the best time possible.

Events and Activities

Over the course of the year members can expect to participate in a wide range of events:

    Regular society get togethers (Safe-Space, picnics, movie nights) and meet-ups.

    Seminars within the society and collaborating with other societies.

    Academic day trips.

    Social day trips.

    Well-being walks.

Contact Us

Our committee is really excited to get to meet each and every one of you. Please don't hesitate to message our Instagram or Facebook page, or drop us an email at

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  • Psychology Standard Membership£5.00
  • Psychology Social Membership£2.00
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Promotions Officer
Taline Ghandour
Leela Singh
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