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Royal Holloway Shakespeare Society strives to promote the Bard in a way that is accessible, innovative, inclusive, and exciting. Our society is a one of a kind within the Performing Arts Societies as we are not only performance based but offer an equal amount of academic opportunities for those who enjoy the discussion and study of Shakespeare rather than staging it. Throughout the year we will host a range of events from productions, socials, workshops, lectures, charity events, discussions, read-through, and theatre trips.

As one of the Performing Arts Societies on campus we produce student led plays termly allowing students to take a lead on crew roles and giving our members the opportunity to perform at some of our amazing campus venues. Last year our members produced Juliet and Romeo a modern twist on the classic love story Romeo and Juliet, Fresh Folio our yearly showcase of small pieces and current projects that our members would like to showcase, and the yearly First Year Show took returned to the Ancient world to reimagine Troilus and Cressida through a queer lensWe want to support the creative and skill development of all our members offering shadow schemes for anyone wanting to learn crew roles hands on as well as the opportunity to submit experiemental and explorative pieces for our annual creative showcase Fresh Folio in late March. 

However, outside of our shows we offer a range of exciting opportunities where we encourage our members to expand their knowledge and understanding of Shakespeare and his work. Our socials, such as Bard's Brunch and academic discussions, allow members to meet likeminded people of different backgrounds and various levels of skill set and knowledge- welcoming everyone from casual enjoyers to long time lovers and complete newbies! We cater all our events to include everyone as no matter your background the joy of Shakespeare is how his words can connect to the 'human-ness' of us all. 

Over the last 12 years that we have been active, we have won the most Improved Society 2015, the Skills and Employability Award 2016, the Inclusion and Accessibility award 2018 with several of our members having received Crest and Freshman Awards.


Purchasing our membership gives you full access to the range of our events, allowing you to bid and audition for shows, take part in any workshops, lectures, discussions or trips, allowing you access to attending events such as the Performing Arts Ball in January and RHOscars at the end of the year as well as reduced rate tickets for all our shows and the ability to vote in any of our elecetions.

Events and Activities

Our activities include:

  • Performances
  • Academic discussions
  • Bards Brunch
  • Casual read-throughs
  • Shakespeare In 48 Hours
  • Fresh Folio
  • Regular Socials
  • Academic/performance workshops
  • Guest lectures
  • Charity events
  • Collaborations events with other societies
  • Theatre trips
  • Shakespeare Week- our annual celebration of all things Bard

Contact Us

Shakespeare Society Committee 23/24 are incredibly excited to welcome the new freshers to our society so if you have any questions you can contact us through our links below!

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  • Shakespeare - Standard Membership£7.00

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  • Shakespeare - Standard Membership£7.00


  • Hamlet Recording 2024£3.00
Academic Outreach Officer
James Webb
Charities and Volunteering Officer
Emily March
First Year Representative
Laurel Hutt
Sunny Rose
Publicity Officer
Annalise Best Best
Lenny Pettitt
Social Secretary
Jack Rudman
Vice President
Lynne Biles
Wellbeing Officer
Charlie Nissim