Women of Colour Collective

About us

The Women of Colour Collective is a community designed to be a safe space for you. We want to give our demographic a voice. We aim to raise awareness of the problems we may face due to our gender, race, social class, sexuality and many other factors that impact the lives of femmes and women of colour on campus. Intersectionality is our core belief as a society. We want to be a space where we, as a community, can celebrate womanhood and our diverse cultures. Moreover, we aim to raise further understanding of mental health within the POC community. This society is here to offer help, advice, support and be a space to unwind from university life.

The society's main goal is to end discrimination, especially within the campus. We aim to do this by educating the student body about our diverse cultures, history and beliefs through holding amazing events.


Become a member to be a part of the femme family! Purchasing a membership to our society gives you discounts to the paid events we host, and access to all of our events.

Events and Activities

The society will be hosting events in accordance to the UK government COVID-19 guidelines so you can expect fun and exciting events with low restrictions this year such as an afternoon tea, themed movie nights, panel talks with insightful speakers, and much more! We also collaborate with other societies like Afrocarribean Society, and LGBT+ Society to represent the diversity within our own group and provide a safe space for all women of colour.

Don't forget to join the taster session, our first event of the year at Tommy's Lounge on Friday 24th September at 4pm!

Contact Us

Here's how you can keep up to date with all our events and reach us with any questions:

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Sophie Toura
Naeema Siddika
Social Secretary
Zahra Mollick
Jannath Ahmed