About Us

Hello and welcome to Quidditch! We are a friendly, inclusive, and tight-knit club for all those of you who want to learn a new and dynamic sport. This fictional sport originating from the Harry Potter universe has, over the years, acquired increasing popularity amongst university clubs and societies all over the world, to the point where in 2012, the first IQA World Cup (international quidditch association) was held. Since then, more and more universities have been creating Quidditch teams to compete in tournaments all over the country, with now more than 300 teams all across the world! Quidditch itself is a mixed-gender, full-contact sport for 2 teams of 7 players each; it incorporates elements of dodgeball, basketball, rugby, and more, with the added element of everyone running with a broomstick. In itself though, Quidditch doesn’t have a lot to do with Harry Potter; whilst a lot of players are serious Potterheads, many are just open-minded to trying out a fun and inclusive sport, which is what we’re ultimately seeking!

So what are you waiting for? You don't have to be a Harry Potter fan to join us, and we welcome any and all abilities! Whether you attend practice to be the next Victor Krum or to meet a group of like-minded individuals, we hope to create something new, unique, and hilarious: when everyone is doing something different on the field whilst running in the mud with a broom between their legs, there is bound to be a show.  

Please note that we train every Wednesday from 1-2:30 pm on Founders field!



Purchasing a standard membership allows you to participate in our events for free such as training sessions and socials. It will also cover the cost of your equipment (broom and headband). The membership fee goes towards the running and development of the club and participation in certain events such as the Quidditch Development Cup. As a member of Quidditch, you will be able to represent Royal Holloway whilst also meeting a lot of like-minded and fun individuals who share a similar interest to you!

Our competitive team is open to everyone: there's no need for you to come to any tryouts! Hence we do not have a separate competitive membership. All our players will get the chance to compete, so whether you’re here to train for the QuidditchUK Development cup or just want to join our recreational practice sessions, we have something for you. With a standard membership, you can show up to any session as well as sign up to compete at our fixtures!

Our social membership is for those of you who don't want to actively play quidditch, but would still love to support us by joining our socials. With a social membership, you will be able to attend all our socials for free but will have to pay to join in on our practice sessions.

Our PAYG (pay as you go) and 5-session packages are if you would like to come to our practice sessions to learn quidditch, but without joining the team or coming to socials. So if you missed our taster sessions or would simply like to try a new sport, this one is for you! Each PAYG will entitle you to 1.5h of practice with our team.


Events and activities

  • Weekly training every Wednesday from 1-2:30 pm on Founders field
  • Competitive matches against other universities such as the QuidditchUK Development cup
  • Royal Holloway SU social events such as ‘come in your kit’ and the Colours Ball
  • Regular bi-weekly social events including:
  1. Skill-swaps with other sports clubs
  2. Triwizard Tournament with Harry Potter soc
  3. Pub socials
  4. Team trips (e.g. bowling, escape rooms, pub golf, etc.)
  5. Christmas dinner
  6. PJ socials
  7. Scavenger hunts
  8. Game nights
  9. Bingo
  10. Meds Nights


Contact us

The Committee is really excited to welcome new members! If you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email or message:

Email: quidditch@royalholloway.su

Instagram: @rh_quidditch

Facebook: @royalhollowayquidditch

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/rh_quidditch


  • Quidditch Standard Membership£40.00
  • Quidditch Social Membership£5.00
  • Quidditch Standard Membership (Term Two/Three)£20.00


  • Fixture participation£10.00
  • Quidditch Single Session£4.00
  • Quidditch 5 sessions package£13.00
Luz Sanchez-Real Zielniewicz
Anna Sieczka
Social Secretary
Ines Bruno Salgueiro
Saphia Peten