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About us

We are Royal Holloway's Climbing Society. We climb indoors weekly at a variety of centres, including White Spider in Kingston, Blue Spider in Guildford, and Oakwood in Wokingham. We also organise several termly outdoor trips and a summer climbing holiday!

Our usual timetable of outdoor trips is Wales in Term 1, Cheddar Gorge in Term 2, and Portland in Term 3. This offers you a great opportunity to transfer all that practice from our weekly indoor sessions onto the real rock. We have a number of experienced members and committee members that are able to show you the ropes (if you’ll excuse the pun)!

For those showing the most potential and who like competing, we also participate in the London University Bouldering Event.


Purchasing a membership to our society gives you a BMC student membership of an affiliated BMC club and gives you insurance for climbing with us. It also contributes to our club gear fund – giving you access to our pool of climbing gear, including climbing shoes, harnesses, ropes, and quickdraws.

Our membership costs £37.50 for the year – this covers BMC club membership, club gear and insurance. Sessions are a pay as you go system of £5.00/4.50¹ for transport (+ £7.50/8.00 wall entry depending on the centre), so you only pay for the sessions you want to go to!

The membership allows you to join us on our weekly climbing sessions and our club trips, which normally run termly.

You do not need to buy a membership before your taster session, as we think it is fair for you to have a chance to give it a go before you buy membership.

1. The price will be £5.00 per session however ten sessions of transport can be brought for £45.00 bring the price down to £4.50 a session.

Events and Activities

We climb every Wednesday afternoon during term time at White Spider in Kingston, Blue Spider in Guildford, or Oakwood in Wokingham. To join us, you sign up to this list weekly on our Facebook page ‘Royal Holloway Mountaineering and Climbing’, you must then check back to see if your name is on the list, to find more information on this, please see our Facebook page.

Our Club socials include regular pub nights, termly cocktail parties, pub quizzes, a fancy Christmas Meal, Come In Your Kit (an SU night), fun challenge nights, as well as some more relaxed evenings such as Pancake night and movie nights.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about joining the club, please message our Facebook page.

We have created a dedicated Facebook group chat for you to meet our returning members and to meet other new members – please ask to be added to this group chat by messaging our Facebook page.


  • Climbing Standard Membership£37.50
  • Climbing - Associate Membership£15.00
  • Climbing - Associate Membership with BMC insurance£35.00


  • 10 Journey Top-Up£45.00
  • Single Transport Top-Up (PAYG)£5.00
  • Taster Session Transport Top-Up£5.00
  • Portland Trip - May 2023£60.00
Events Secretary
Nathan Burge
Gear Secretary
Aaron Engineer
Alexia Coburn
Michelene Esteban
Social Secretary / Welfare Secretary
Olivia Willson
Ashling Hammerton