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About us

The Royal Holloway Badminton club is made up of many committed, fun and outgoing people who have a passion for badminton as well as a competitive attitude to succeed! RHUL Badminton offers something for everyone, whether its fierce competition you are after, or a bit of harmless shuttle activity, Royal Holloway Badminton includes people of all skill levels who are looking to play badminton.

With frequent socials and team trips away, RHUL Badminton boasts a friendly tight-knit community where everyone has an ‘open to anything’ attitude.

We host a range of Team Trainings and Active Sessions where people are able to play with other similarly-skilled players and make life-long friends. You’ll get the opportunity to not only improve your badminton but also meet loads of like-minded and talented individuals with whom you can have a laugh with!


Royal Holloway Badminton offers two types of membership:

  • If you pass through the team trials to make it into the competitive squads, then the Team Membership is for you! This will give you the opportunity to represent your University against others all over the country (travel included) in all our competitive matches throughout the season. You'll get an opportunity to go on tour as well as compete in Varsity. Finally, you will be able to attend all training sessions and receive the benefits from professional coaching.
  • If the intense competitive lifestyle isn't for you, then the opportunity for more casual play can be obtained through purchasing the Active Sessions Membership. This grants you the opportunity to attend all Badminton Active Sessions every week to meet new people, make new friends and play less intense badminton. Active Sessions have a much more relaxed vibe and playing with friends is extremely fun!

Events and Activities

Over the course of the year we host a wide number of events including:

  • Team Training every Tuesday and Saturday (subject to change),
  • BUCS matches on Wednesday (subject to change),
  • Active Sessions every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday (subject to change)
  • Regular club socials including pub trips, food nights and SU nights (subject to change),
  • Opportunity to compete in national competitions,
  • Virtual quizzes

We think we will be able to run normal training and active sessions whilst maintaining proper social distancing. Training sessions will be easy to monitor as we will know how many members to expect. Active sessions may need to be booked (perhaps courts of up to half an hour per booking depending on how many active session memberships are purchased?) However it obviously depends how much Sports Hall time we get allocated etc.... As a small club that gets typically overlooked by bigger clubs, we feel that this year we have an opportunity to really expand and are one of the clubs that can properly stick to social distancing measures. We are really enthusiastic to work with the SU as closely as possible to grow our club.

Contact Us

The committee is really excited to welcome new members. We've created a dedicated chat on Facebook Messenger for potential new members to join. All you need to do is message Royal Holloway Badminton on Facebook and we will add everyone into the chat.

We will also be hosting three Zoom calls on the 29th and 30th of September, and the 5th October so everyone has the opportunity to meet each other and ask any questions! All Zoom calls will be at 4pm and the details to join it will be in the Facebook chat mentioned above. Alternatively, you can message Royal Holloway Badminton on Facebook or email for the joining details!


  • Badminton - Standard Membership (Term Two/Three)£80.00
  • Badminton - Standard Membership (Full Year)£140.00


  • Kit Top-Up Tops£20.00
  • Kit Top-Up Shorts and Skorts£20.00
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