If you want to play cricket for RHUL then look no further! We have had back-to-back very strong seasons where we are always looking to build on year after year! Despite Cricket being a summer sport with our fixtures taking place in the Summer term, we train regularly in the off-season with indoor nets. We have also recently taken part in the BUCS indoor league which runs through the winter. Additionally we have secured our new sponsors, The Armstrong Gun and Ruby Wines in Englefield Green.

Our Men's team are in several leagues with our First XI constantly on the up and up in BUCS and always contenders in the LUSL Premier Division. Our Second’s are proving themselves as a strong outfit in LUSL Division 1 and are entering BUCS for this year!

Our Women's team is stronger than ever with over 10 players and matches being organised for the Summer term. 

The cricket club is the place to join for a good standard of sport as well as a good social side! We are an incredibly welcoming club with a wide variety of people, so please come along and we will hopefully see some of you stepping out onto the “hallowed turf” of the Nobles Oval!


We have joint socials between the men and women teams building a really strong bond within the club. Our socials usually alternate between ones in house and ones in a pub providing contrast and providing social opportunities for all budgets. After training on a Sunday night we also go for one, two or twleve at our second Home The Armstrong Gun Pub in Englefield Green. Whether you want to play, watch or drink don't hesistate to get in contact with any one of our lovely committee members on our Facebook page. 

Wednesday and Friday evenings (see facebook group for detailsor message either of our social secs)

Fixture Days

BUCS on Wednesdays

LUSL on Saturdays/ Sundays (we try to rearrange saturday matches so you can play for local teams or teams back home on Saturdays

Both leagues are in the Summer term

Training Times

Winter Nets happen on Sunday nights 7-9pm We meet at Founders bus stop to leave at 6:30pm

Tour 2014 - Amsterdam

Tour 2015 - Prague

Tour 2016 - Budapest


Sorry, there are no memberships available to purchase.

Student Opportunities

Sorry, there are no memberships available to purchase.
Ben Ellis
Robert Dunn
Social Secretary
Jack Hookway
Alex Woolvine
Daniel Boteler
Vice President
Finn Collins