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Everyone is welcome to join Golf society regardless of level or experience. From those who just want to play with friends for the enjoyment of the sport to those who want to learn and practice seriously.  We are a friendly and sociable club, welcoming members all year round.Don’t worry if you have never played. Many people start playing golf from their time at university. It is a really good opportunity to start! As this club has just started, we are always open to new ideas and suggestions. Just let us know and we will see what we can do!

The club currently consists of 2 teams: beginners team and Intermediate/advanced team. Competition team for next year will be formed soon.


The membership fee for our club is only £10 for the year! 

The membership fee goes towards the long-term development of the club. By purchasing the membership, you can join all our events and socials. However, there are a few additional fees to pay the Golf Clubs we will play at, every time we attend to pay for the round and the balls. 

The session prices vary according to the golf club visited, the number of holes played and the day of the session:

  • £5~10 to practice at the driving range(according to the number of balls used).

  • £15~30  a round to play on the golf course (for access to play 9 holes).

  • £30~45 a round to play on the golf course  (for access to play 18 holes.)

Most of the time we drive there in members' cars, but sometimes we have to use uber.

With regards to golf lessons, they cost £20 per hour at top golf. We also have the option of lessons at Abbey Moor Golf Club on a 9 hole golf course for which the cost would be dependent on the number of people interested.

Events and Activities

 We normally train on the golf driving ranges and golf courses. If enough people would be interested to go on weekends, we could go twice a week and play on both. This would also allow more people the opportunity to play on an 18 hole golf course due to the time requirements. 

 There are experienced student coaches, so you can learn how to play golf for FREE! However there are also several lesson options for all levels, both at the driving range and at the golf course, which are at a discounted price.

 We plan on organising social events such as:

  • Mini golf in London

  • Game & Drink at top golf

  • In Club Tournaments

  • Pub nights

  • Attending events at Golf Clubs

  • ‘Colours ball’, and other university organised events 


Follow us on Instagram for more info on these virtual events or drop us an email at


  • Golf - Standard membership£10.00
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Naho Ito
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