Welcome to Royal Holloway Hockey Club!

We are one of the largest sports clubs on campus, with currently over 100 members (both men and women) and we look forward to welcoming even more this year. We have a Team for every ability and experience level. 

Events and Activities:

If you join RHUL Hockey, you will have regular training sessions, as well as regular Wednesday BUCS (University League) and weekend fixtures in either a LUSL (Weekend University League) or in the England Southeast Oak league.

We also organise informal hockey events that are inclusive to all members of the club which are used to fundraise for our chosen charities. These will be regular events to bring both the male and female sides of the Club together.

The social side of the Hockey Club is centred around our weekly Wednesday socials. Our traditional events are Come in Your Kit and Dress Your Fresh/Returner. However, we run a variety of amazing, themed events to celebrate the day's matches before heading down to continue celebrations in the SU. We also celebrate at the end of each term with our two formal events of the year: Christmas and End of Season dinner.

Every year over the summer, we host an annual hockey tour. For 2022 we travelled to Lloret de Mar, Spain. But over the years prior the Club has travelled to Malta, Cyprus and Portugal. 

Our Training:

We have six teams that tailor for every ability; from those who've never held a hockey stick before to those who have played internationally. All our teams (except the Ladies' 4th XI) play in BUCS on Wednesdays. Our Ladies' 1st XI and Men's 2nd XI play in Southeast Oaks league on Saturday whilst our Men's 1st XI, Ladies' 2nd XI, 3rd XI and 4th XI play in LUSL on Sunday.


Wednesday League:

Weekend League (Day played):

Men’s 1st XI

BUCS South East Tier 2 (2A)

LUSL Men’s Intermediate Premier

Men’s 2nd XI

BUCS South East Tier 4 (4A)

South East Men's Division 5 Oaks

Ladies’ 1st XI

BUCS South East Tier 2 (2A)

South East Women's Division 3 Oaks

Ladies’ 2nd XI

 BUCS South East Tier 4 (4A)

LUSL Women’s Intermediate Premier

Ladies 3rd XI

BUCS South East Tier 5 (5C)

LUSL Women’s Intermediate Premier

Ladies 4th XI

No Games

LUSL Women’s Recreational

Our Training:

If you have missed our trials, you can join any time by turning up to any of the training sessions below or dropping us a message:


Week A:


Ladies 1XI

 Monday 19:00 - 20:30


Ladies 2XI

Tuesday 19:00 - 20:30


Ladies 3XI

Thursday 20:30 - 22:00


Ladies 4XI

Thursday 20:30 - 22:00


Men’s 1XI

 Monday 19:00 - 20:30


Men’s 2XI

Sunday 20:30 - 22:00




At Royal Holloway Hockey, we recognise that its important to use our platform to raise awareness and money for our chosen charities. We pride ourselves in our ability to work genuinely hard and create a real impact this coming year! From 12-hour hockey matches to bag packs and sponsored walks.

We have so many ways to get involved in charity events which some of the best ways to bond with your team and other members in the club.

Our Mixed and Charity Coordinator, Connie, will be organising events throughout the year to help raise important funds for charity.

This year, it’s an important goal of ours to push even further with raising money for charity.

How to join:

So, you've got this far... If you would like to join, then follow our Instagram and join the Freshers Facebook group. Or head down to Fresher Fair.

Otherwise, you can always contact one of our committee, or turn up to a training session.

Hockey is looking forward to meeting you soon!





TikTok: RHULhockey




  • Hockey Standard Membership (Full Year)£100.00
  • Hockey Standard Membership (Term Two/Three)£40.00
  • Hockey Social Membership£15.00


  • BUCS - Top Up£50.00
  • BUCS - Top Up Term 2£25.00
Fixtures Secretary
Elaine Cheung
Ladies' 1s Captain
Lizzy Prentice
Ladies' 2s Captain
Issey Watts
Ladies' 3s Captain
Lauren Cardy
Ladies' 4s Captain
Cassie Rivers
Men's 1s Captain
Richard Torrington
Men's 2s Captain
Lucas Keogh
James McEwen
Social Secretary (Female)
Connie Letts
Social Secretary (Male)
James Barnard
Line Antonsen
Vice President (Female)
Esme Potter
Vice President (Male)
Kiran Hurer
Welfare Secretary
Raman Kaur Soomal