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We are the largest sports club on campus, with currently over 125 members (both men and women) and we look forward to welcoming even more this year. We have a Team for every ability and experience level. 


If you join RHUL Hockey, you will have regular training sessions, once or twice a week, as well as regular Wednesday BUCS (University League) and weekend fixtures in either a LUSL (Weekend University League) or in the Surrey Open Hockey league.


We also have informal hockey events that are inclusive to all members of the club which are used to fundraise for our chosen charities. These will be regular events to bring both the male and female sides of the Club together.


The social side of the Hockey Club is centred around our weekly Wednesday socials. Our key events are Come in Your Kit and Dress Your Fresh/Returner, however we run a variety of themed events to celebrate the day's matches before heading down to continue celebrations in the SU. We also celebrate at the end of each term with our two formal dinners of the year (Christmas and End of Season).


Every year over the summer, we host an annual hockey tour. Unfortunately due to COVID, we didn’t have one in 2020, but over the years prior the Club has travelled to Malta, Cyprus and Portugal. 


Our Teams

We have six teams that cater for every ability; from those who've never held a hockey stick before to those who have played internationally. All our teams (except the Ladies' 4th XI) play in BUCS on Wednesdays. Our Ladies' 1st XI, Men's 1st XI and Men's 2nd XI play in the local Surrey leagues on Saturday whilst our Ladies' 2nd XI, 3rd XI and 4th XI play in LUSL on Sunday.



Wednesday League

Weekend League (Day played)

Men’s 1st XI

BUCS South Eastern Tier 3 (3A)

LUSL Men’s Competitive Premier

Men’s 2nd XI

BUCS South Eastern Tier 5 (NW London)

Surrey Open Hockey Div 4

Ladies’ 1st XI

BUCS South Eastern Tier 2A

Surrey Ladies’ Hockey Div 8

Ladies’ 2nd XI

BUCS South Eastern Tier 4A

LUSL Women’s Intermediate Premier

Ladies 3rd XI

BUCS South Eastern Tier 5 (SW London)

LUSL Women’s Intermediate Div 1

Ladies 4th XI

No Games

LUSL Women’s Recreational


Our Training

If you have missed our trials, you can join any time by turning up to any of the training sessions below:

Teams Training times
Men's 1st XI + Ladies' 1st XI

Mondays 8:30pm

Ladies' 2nd XI + Ladies' 4th XI Thursdays 8:30pm
Ladies' 3rd XI + Men's 2nd XI Fridays 8:30pm


Charity & Volunteering

Here at Royal Holloway hockey we pride ourselves in our ability to work pretty bloomin’ hard and that shows in our charity efforts! From charity boxes, bake sales, sponsored walks and even a 12 hour continuous hockey match we don’t do things by halves!! 

We have so many ways to get involved in charity events which are not only a brilliant thing to pop on your CV but also one of the best ways to bond with your team and other members in the club - nothing says ‘team bonding’ like trying to outdo Mary Berry by making something that vaguely resembles a cupcake ! ! (our cupcakes are the best on campus tho just sayin x)

Our Volunteering and Opportunities Secretary, Caitlin, will be organising events throughout the year to help raise funds for charity.

This year, we plan to push even further in raising money for our new charity (to be revealed in term 1). Charity events include a 12 hour hockey match, mixed charity tournaments, charity socials, bake sales and individual efforts. It’s always a great evening.


How to Join

So you've got this far... If you would like to join, visit and complete the freshers form, or join the Freshers Facebook group.


Otherwise, you can always contact one of the committee, or turn up to a training session. Sometimes its easier if you bring a friend. 


  • Hockey Standard Membership (Full Year)£88.00
  • Hockey Standard Membership (Term Two/Three)£44.00


  • BUCS Teams Top-Up (Full Year)£44.00
  • BUCS Teams Top-Up (Term Two/Three)£22.00
  • Hockey Kit - Women's Top 21/22£27.50
  • Hockey Kit - Women's Skort 21/22£25.00
  • Hockey Kit - Mens' Top 21/22£27.50
  • Hockey Kit - Mens' Shorts 21/22£25.00
  • Hockey Tour 2022 Payment 4£100.00
  • Hockey Tour 2022 Payment 5£94.00
Fixtures Secretary
Lucy Shepherd Barnard
Ladies' 1s Captain
Esme Potter
Ladies' 2s Captain
Annabel Hudson
Ladies' 3s Captain
Megan Hillier
Ladies' 4s Captain
Ailsa Hellmuth
Media Secretary
Erin Baldwin-Haywood
Men's 2s Captain
Bas Lips
Mixed and Charity Coordinator
Rahul Kapur
Lewis Dean
Social Secretary (Female)
Nathalie Wong
Social Secretary (Male)
Nick Binnell
Lewis Pickup
Vice President (Female)
Charlie Beasley
Vice President (Male)
Zac Wong
Welfare Secretary
Caitlin Usher