Welcome to Royal Holloway Tennis Club. We are looking forward to welcoming all new members and most information you will need ahead of this year will be present on this page, if there are any other details you require please feel free to reach out to us on any of our social channels however the fastest reply will be through Instagram.  
This year we are introducing a new membership tier which will be for our Men's 3 and Women's 2 teams.  These represent more development teams and provide a pathway to move up teams as well as the social team to advance into these teams through our pilot scheme. 
Membership Benefits:
  • Weekly squad training sessions (led by an LTA-accredited level 5 coach)
  • Training balls and equipment provided
  • Competitive BUCS & LUSL matches
  • Transport costs to/from games
  • Box league matches, Termly club tournaments & End-of year club championships
  • Videography/Photography during training, matches of individuals/teams/the whole club
  • Strength and Conditioning Sessions for competitive teams.


  • Purchase of Royal Holloway Kit
  • Racket restringing (Enquire at training)
  • Private lessons (Enquire at training)
Matches start in October and progress through the academic year until March.
  • The club has 3 men's & 2 women's teams registered for BUCS. Squad size is between 6-8 per team. Matches will be on Wednesday afternoons.
  • The club has 3 mixed teams registered for LUSL. Squad sizes are larger to give everyone who wants extra matchplay the chance. Matches will be on Saturday mornings/afternoons.
Team training times are as follows:
  • Monday 

Men's 3, Women's 2 & Development - 4pm-5pm

Men's 2 Group B & Women's 1 & Mixed 2 - 6-7pm

Men's 1 & Men's 2 Group A - 5-6pm

  • Tuesday

Women's 1s & 2s - 8-9pm

Men's 1,2,3 - 9-10pm

  • Friday

Free Hitting 8-10pm - Everyone

Socials & Planned Itinerary
Throughout the year, we aim to run plenty of social events off the tennis court to try and ensure everyone within the team gets on well and feels included. These events include:

  • Come In Your Kit SU Nights
  • Medicine Nights 
  • Pub Gatherings
  • House Parties
  • Team Wimbledon Trip
  • Tennis Club Tour (In June, we will book a team trip)

We will be posting constant weekly polls on our Instagram so that everyone can vote on or suggest new ideas that we can do as a society to include everyone and have fun off the tennis court!

We will also run charity events throughout the year and collaborate with other sports clubs!

Contact Us
We are very excited to welcome everyone back, whether it be old or new members, and hope that we can have a very successful and enjoyable year both on and off the court!

If you have any questions or want extra information about any aspect of what the society has to offer, please get in touch via:




  • Tennis - Standard Membership£50.00


  • Women's Tennis Skort 2021/22£30.90
  • BUCS Top-Up 1£35.00
  • Tennis Women's Kit White 2023£20.00
  • Tennis Jacket 2023£40.00
  • BUCS Top-Up 2£60.00
Co-Social Secretary
Harry Saxon
Harrison Clinton
Alice Deckers
Social Media Secretary
Oskar Rakowski
Peter Collier
Vice President
Antoinette Chastang
Wellbeing & Charity Secretary
Lucas Georgulas Kollakis