Welcome to The Royal Holloway Tennis Club! We Currently have about 65 members of all tennis abilities, ranging from 1st Team players to those enjoying beginner coaching.

We have five competitive teams that compete against other universities and all of our members have the opportunity to use the courts on Mondays and Fridays from 2-5pm and benefit from professional coaching sessions.

Training times for 1st and 2nd Teams:


Monday: 8:45pm - 10pm

Wednesday: 7pm - 8:30pm

Friday: 7pm - 8:30pm


Monday: 7:30 - 8:45

Wednesday: 8:30pm - 10pm

Friday: 5:30pm - 7pm

Recreational Tennis

Monday and Friday 2-5pm. (Can come anytime). 

Wednesday 6-7pm


Our Women’s 1st Team benefits from its place on the Performance Package, with it’s access to extra training and facilities. We also run a Social League in partnership with, where players can gain regular match play experience.

Away from the court we hold regular social events, often Housepartys or Medicine and provide opportunities to get involved in volunteering and community projects. 





1st Team Men


1. Cameron Price

2. Emir Pinto 

3. Harry Thomas 

4. Graydon Pawlik 

5. Tim Chiang

6. Jules Vicard

7. Ethan Attias 

8. Maximilien Delcourt


2nd Team Men


1. James Everett

2. Angelos Petropoulos

3. Christos Kollias

4. Ethan Attias

5. Tiernan Breen

6. Ramin Afdjei

7. Benjamin Hooper


1st Team Women


1. Dilara Spicer 

2. Alicia Martel

3. Philippa Clarke 

4. Ellen Stuart

5. Elizabeth Connors  

6. Hanna Carroll

7. Hanna Rollman 

8. Gabrielle Williams 


2nd Team Women


1. Hanna catalina

2. Marie Hue

3. Hanna Tuke

4. Katerina Kalamaraki

5. Anna Viewer

6. Tasha Bryan

7. Apolline roesch 

8. Gaby

9. Camélia Ramsay

10. Olivia Sykes







Men's 1st Team

Men's 2nd Team

Women's 1st Team





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Student Opportunities

Sorry, there are no memberships available to purchase.
Media Secretary
Carlota Santos Movilla
Dilara Spicer
James Everett
Social and Volunteering Officer
Hanna Carroll
Vice President
Harry Thomas