Football (Women's)

About us

We are a group of around 80+ members consisting of women and non-binary persons, who come from all walks of life but who share a love for football.

The club caters to players of all levels, consisting of four teams that suit players with differing abilities. That includes those who wish to compete at a competitive level, as well as those who wish to compete at an intermediate or beginner level.

We welcome everyone into the club and do not turn anyone away - RHUL Women's Football is a very friendly group! 


Purchasing a membership to Women’s Football will give you access to our weekly training sessions, matches, and socials. In addition to other events, the club provides experiences such as Varsity and the opportunity to go on tour abroad.

Your membership fee goes towards the running of the club, coaches, cost of travel to matches, kit, equipment, socials, and the long-term development of the club.

Join us to have a fun time playing football with a group of friendly people! All womxn are welcome and we look forward to a new exciting season with you as an addition to the group.

Events and Activities

Over the course of the year, we host a wide range of events including:

  • Training twice a week 
  • BUCS matches on Wednesdays for our First team 
  • LUSL matches on Sundays for our First, Second, and Third teams 
  • Friendly matches for our Fourth team
  • Regular club socials 

Training and Match Information


  • Mondays 19:00 - 20:30 on the 3G for all 4 Teams
  • Thursdays 20:30 - 22:00 on the 3G for the 1st Team only
  • Fridays 19:00 - 20:30 on the Astro for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Teams


  • 1st Team: BUCS Matches on Wednesdays & LUSL Matches on Sundays
  • 2nd Team: LUSL Matches on Sundays
  • 3rd Team: LUSL Matches on Sundays
  • 4th Team: Friendlies

Contact Us

The committee is super excited to welcome new members. Please contact us via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for any questions or queries you may have. 

Consent Sticker



  • Women's Football Social Membership£20.00
  • Women's Football Standard Membership£110.00
  • Term 2 and 3 Membership£55.00
  • 1st Team Term 2 and 3Top up£25.00
  • 2nd/3rd Team Term 2 and 3 Top Up£12.50


  • Term 1 Back Fee£55.00
  • Term 1 2/3s Top Up Back Fee£12.50
  • Term 1 1s Top Up Back Fee£25.00
  • Full Year 1s Top Up£50.00
  • Full Year 2/3s Top Up£25.00
1st Team Captain
Davina Spinoza
2nd Team Captain
Danai Koulakioti
3rd Team Captain
Issy Trapnell Hoyle
4th Team Captain
Molly Hanning
Charity Secretary
Emma Green
Elena Zimanyi Borrageiros
Fitness Secretary and Development Officer
Anjeli Valydon
Media Secretary
Katie Moule-Bettell
Megan Young
Social Secretary
Emma McClement
Natalie Rhymes
Bailey Hewitt
Vice President and Welfare/Diversity Officer
Maddie Davie