Bradley Powell

Bradley Powell

Student Trustee

About Me

Hey! My name is Brad, a student Trustee at RHSU. I am in the final year of my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. I have a strong background in student representation and charitable leadership, and it is a pleasure to contribute to the board.

As the former Vice-President Welfare & Equal Opportunities at Bournemouth University, I've gained invaluable experience in fostering an inclusive campus environment and addressing students' unique challenges. My academic and clinical background in psychology equips me with critical thinking and problem-solving skills, essential skills that can help ensure every Royal Holloway student experiences a joyful and well-supported journey.

Being selected as a Student Trustee is an exciting opportunity to apply my knowledge, expand my skill set, and make a positive impact. I'm highly motivated, hardworking, and value professionalism. I’m excited to contribute my enthusiasm and expertise to the team, making a difference in the lives of Royal Holloway students.