You're Valued Awards

We know staff right across the College are doing great things and now the Students’ Union is providing a system where you can recognise this whenever you want! The member of staff can work anywhere across campus, from Estates, to The Hub, to your seminar leader – they can all be recognised for their great work. There is only one criteria:

All nominations must clearly demonstrate that the actions of the nominee has made a positive impact on student life at Royal Holloway, University of London, and in doing so, has embodied the values of both the College and the Students’ Union.

Amazing! What do I need to do?

All you have to do is fill out the nomination form below. This will drop an email, with your reasons for nominating the staff member, to the Student Voice team. Give us as much detail as possible - little things really add up!

Make sure your submission gives us plenty of information on how the nominee demonstrates the Students' Union's values: 


They are transparent, honest and fair in what they say and do.


They are bold and not afraid to challenge the status quo.

High Quality

Their actions and behaviour exceed expectations. 


Everything they do has students at the heart of it. 


They ensure everything they do is accessible. 

The nomination will also be judged against the College's values: Excellence, Creativity, Collaboration, Fairness and Freedom.  

What happens next?

Once a nomination has been submitted, the awarding panel, consisting of the VP Education and one other sabbatical officer, will check it over. At the moment, these awards are going to be delivered digitally so we'll include you in the email if you wish.

If the nomination doesn't meet the criteria, we'll email you to get more information or to let you know why it wasn't successful. 

Nice. Then what?

If it's the first time the staff member has won a You're Valued award, they'll receive a branded mug and a certificate. If they receive even more nominations, they'll receive a special RHSU enamel pin and even more certificates. We might even post a reaction video on Facebook! We can't get their prize out to them right now, but they'll be waiting for them when they're back on campus.

I'm ready to submit a nomination!

Amazing! Let's get started.

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If other, please specify:

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What's their job title?

What values does this person demonstrate?

Why are you nominating them?

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