October 2020

As the political climate across the globe continues to intensify, we must continue to look to our historically marginalised communities to lead their revolutions. Black History Month serves as an opportunity to reflect upon the history of the Black community in the UK and beyond.

This year, we're proud to be joining forces with Black student leaders from across the Higher Education sector to deliver a series of webinars focusing on different topics related to Black History Month. Attendees will have the opportunity to feed into a Q&A session during each webinar.


Black Lives Matter: A Movement, Not a Moment
1st October
A webinar with Larissa Kennedy (NUS President), Max Kafula (BAME Students Officer, Lancaster University SU), Serena Owusu (Women of Colour Collective President, Royal Holloway) and Alanna O’Garro (social justice activist, founder of Rivers Coaching).
Being Black in Higher Education
5th October
Join panel guests Hillary Gyebi-Ababio (Vice President for Higher Education, NUS), Jamarly Wright (ACS President, Royal Holloway), and Matthew Akinpelu (BAME Society, Edinburgh Napier University) as we continue our Black History Month webinar series.
Graduate Employability: Looking Beyond Graduation as a Black Student
7th October
Join panel guests Dunola Oladapo (Royal Holloway alumni) and Gianina Harvey-Brewin (Royal Holloway alumni and Head of Operations and Employer Programming at Royal Holloway) as part of RHSU's Black History Month Webinar series.
The Role of Universities in Racism and Anti-Racism
19th October
Join panel guests Professor Kehinde Andrews (Professor of Black Studies, Birmingham City University) and Dr Jason Arday (Assistant Professor of Sociology, Durham University), as we take a look at the role of universities in racism and anti-racism.
Intersectionality in the Black Community
22nd October
We're joined by Serena Owusu (Women of Colour Collective President, Royal Holloway), Tamandani Mzandu (PTO Equality for Ethnic Minorities, University of Derby SU) and Mia Katola (ACS committee, University of Derby SU).
Practicing Allyship: More than an Instagram Trend
27th October
We're joined by Meg Donovan (Vice President Activities, Brighton SU), Elisha Lycett (President Welfare, Teeside University SU), and Renée Landell (Royal Holloway PhD student/founder of Beyond Margins and Black In Arts & Humanities).
Beyond Black History Month
29th October
Join panel guests Hillary Gyebi-Ababio (VP for Higher Education, NUS), Theresa Ogbekhiulu (Education Officer, Swansea University SU), Rachel Harvey (RHUL LGBT+ Society BAME Rep) and Dwayne Williams (University of Brighton).

In collaboration with:

University of Bradford Union of Students, Edinburgh Napier Students’ Association, University of Derby Union of Students, King’s College London Students’ Union, Lancaster University Students’ Union, Swansea University Students’ Union, Teeside University Students’ Union, Worcester Students’ Union, and Ulster University Students’ Union.