TW: Sexual harassment

According to the Office for National Statistics, students are more likely to have experienced sexual harm than any other group. It is never ok for someone to be subjected to sexual misconduct and/or harassment so we are running this campaign to educate, support and work with students to make change. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable, safe and a sense of belonging at university – help us make this a reality.

Work we're Doing

As your Students’ Union, we are working proactively to change the culture on campus and beyond. From lobbying the University to running our own initiatives, there are several different ways we are working to support students.

Tessa Graftdijk, Student Voice Research Assistant, created a document that outlines universities’ policies and ways to support students and staff who have experienced sexual misconduct and/or harassment. This also includes how students and staff members can report incidents online and get support from the University, the Students’ Union, and external services. This is outlined for Royal Holloway and its ten main competitors.

As part of the campaign, I have introduced a NeverOk student working group. This is a group of students interested and actively striving to tackle sexual misconduct and harassment on campus. As a group, we have put forward a range of recommendations which are included in the action plan below. We've put together this action plan to let you know what support is available and to keep you up to date on our lobbying and campaigning.

Neverok Action Plan

union initiatives

Late night venues

Action Progress
Research into specialised training in tackling sexual harassment and misconduct for SU Security. In progress
Create anti-harassment signage posters and digital screens to display around the SU building during club nights. In progress
Consent Training information and Code of Conduct reminders included on late night event e-ticket. In progress
Research safety alternatives to Ask Angela e.g. fake debit card. In progress
Consider investing in additional technology such as the Where You At (WYA) app to aid the Security team and the Good Night Out Crew. In progress
Create and hand out physical resources (e.g. leaflets) to students who have been victim to sexual harassment on a night out. In progress
The Students’ Union should, for a designated period, search 100% of customers attending an event at the SU Venue Nightclub and Medicine with a set review date to see whether this should become standard procedure. Bag and body checks would occur during this period. In progress


Action Progress
Introduce a Sexual Harassment and Misconduct policy at the Students’ Union. Not complete
Misconduct policy to include educational resources if banned for sexual harassment. In progress


Action Progress
Host women empowerment workshops. In progress
Mandatory Consent and Active Bystander Training to be implemented into annual Student Group Training for committee members. Not started
Host a Consent and Active Bystander Workshop for student groups members. Complete
Create guidance for student groups that better defines the Code of Conduct to support them in handling reports of sexual harassment. Not started
Map out plans for blogs on sexual harassment with guidance from the Advice Centre. Not started
Research alternative options to personal safety alarms e.g. apps. Not started

University work

Action Progress
Ensure the University is implementing OfS guidelines. In progress
Ask the University to communicate new rules to students (on OfS guidelines). In progress
Lobby the University to provide mandatory Consent and Active Bystander Training and education on more advanced aspects of sexual misconduct and harassment. Complete
Lobby the University to provide more information on Sexual Assault Referall Centres (SARCs) and Independent Sexual Violence Advisers (ISVAs). In progress
Provide a counselling service that specialises in harassment and victim support. Complete


As we deliver on our Action Plan aims, we will keep you and this page updated so keep an eye out!

Support & Resources

In an emergency, call the police immediately on 999 (or 112 on a mobile) and alert Security if you're on campus by calling 01784 443888. Alternatively, go to the 24-hour Security service at Founder’s East Reception.

Whether you think you might need counselling or just want to discuss your situation, reach out to the University's Wellbeing team who are here for you. The SU Advice Centre can provide non-judgmental, independent guidance. Drop our friendly advisors an email and they'll be happy to help.

Surrey Solace Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) at Cobham Community Hospital

The Samaritans – Call 116 123 for free (available 24/7)

NHS 111 – Call 111 for urgent medical advice (available 24/7)

Police (non-emergency) - Call  101 (available 24/7)

SARSAS provide free, anonymous and confidential support for people of all genders, age 13+ who have been affected by rape or sexual abuse at any time in their life.

Call 08088010456 (women) or 08088010464 (men) to speak to a specially trained volunteer who will listen and support you to talk about whatever is on your mind.

Survivors UK - Call 02035983898 (support for male survivors)

Information on Sexual Violence

Reporting Sexual Offences

Get Involved in the Campaign

If you want to get involved, don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing

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