LGBTQ+ Students

Meet your Community Officer

Hi! My name is Sam (she/her), I am a second-year Liberal Arts student. Outside my studies, I do queer historical research, spending most of my free time in archives. I am currently trying to uncover the UK’s trans-lesbian history, shining a light on our previously overlooked history.

Queer people, our histories and communities are my biggest passions, which is why I’m so excited to be your LGBTQ+ Community Officer this year. Our university has a long way to go in supporting its queer students. However, it will be my pleasure to work my hardest towards a brighter queer future for Royal Holloway.

I’m really excited to make some meaningful changes :)!

You can contact Sam via Instagram or email.

Sam Bolton



Community Officer
LGBTQ+ Students

My goals this year are to:

  • Set up a university transition fund to provide trans students with the financial support necessary to ease the fiscal burden placed upon trans people in this country.
  • Lobby the campus GP to dissolve their transphobic policies and to accept shared care agreements with private gender clinics.
  • Work with the LGBT society to help put on hundreds of queer events throughout the year, additionally, ensuring that there are equally as many sober events as there are alcohol-oriented ones.
  • Provide queer advocacy to students facing injustice on campus.