Postgraduate Research (PGR) Students


My name is Shupin Liu (she/her) and I'm a year 3 PhD student in Drama and Theatre Studies. I understand how difficult and lonely it can be to be a research student, so I am committed to fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration among us all.

Having engaged in numerous one-to-one conversations with fellow PGR students, I've gained valuable insights into your needs and concerns. I've already organised a successful cross-college picnic event, where we had the opportunity to connect and celebrate our diverse academic journeys.

You can contact Shupin via Instagram or email.

Shupin Liu



Community Officer
Postgraduate Research (PGR) Students

In the coming year, I'm determined to make a positive impact. My priority is to foster connection and communication among PGR students and help to create a sense of community. Feel free to reach out to me anytime – your voices matter, and my goal is to ensure that you feel heard, supported, and included in every aspect of university life.