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Welcome to the Disabled Students' Collective!

We are here to support the activities and interests of all disabled students on (and off) campus.  A disability is defined in law as 'a physical or mental condition which has a substantial and long-term impact on your ability to do normal day to day activities.'  This could take many forms and includes visual impairments, hearing difficulties, physical/mobility issues, neurodivergence, and learning difficulties such as dyslexia - as well as mental health problems and other hidden disabilities.  We strive to maintain a welcoming and supportive community, to whom you can turn for advice, comradery, advocacy, and much more besides.

If you identify as a disabled student or meet the definition given above, then you are welcome to join our Collective as a member.  Doing so grants access to all of our events.  In the past, we have discussed the accessibility of the campus and ideas for improving student experience, but we can also offer advice on individual issues and host fun social activities.  Membership establishes your right to vote in our annual Convenor elections, which determine who is responsible for running the Collective, as well as who represents you on the Wellbeing, Community and Diversity Executive.


If you are not disabled, but still wish to keep up with our progress and activities, then please do consider joining us as a supporter.


Our Conveners

Convenor - Isaac Crosby

Isaac, a relatively light-skinned, bearded male, with long, dark hair, standing in front of the Founder's Building.  He is wearing glasses and dark clothing.Hello!  My name is Isaac and I'm a final-year Liberal Arts undergraduate.  During my time at Royal Holloway, I have studied across departments in four of the College's six schools, as well as undertaking a year abroad at the University of Copenhagen.  As such, I hope that I am able to empathise with the experiences of disabled students, regardless of background or academic discipline.

I am autistic and have a specific learning difficulty (SpLD) that impacts the rate at which I process certain information.  I also have a genetic long-term health condition, which causes hypermobility, chronic pain and fatigue.

My aim for the Collective is to ensure that disabled students at Royal Holloway feel that they have people on whom they can rely in crisis and who will represent their needs to both the College and the Students' Union.  As such, I am eager to lobby for policy changes that make teaching, assessment and the wider student experience more accessible.  I am particularly interested in raising the profile of hidden disabilities and ensuring that those who may not self-identify as disabled but would nonetheless benefit from our support feel welcomed and able to participate fully within our community.

In addition to my work with the Disabled Students' Collective, I have served four terms on a student group committee and am currently a trustee of Royal Holloway Students' Union.  I previously completed a term as Collective Convenor in 2020-21, during which time I was also a member of the Accessibility Working Group for the School of Humanities.  These experiences have afforded me an intimate knowledge of both Royal Holloway and the Student's Union, so I am well-placed to represent students' concerns to influential decision-makers.


Convener - Lucy Ham 

Hi I’m Lucy (she/her) and I’m a third year history student. My favourite eras of history are the ancient and medieval worlds and I particularly love the Romans! In the past I’ve managed to combine my love of history with my passion for disability studies when I completed my EPQ on Victorian attitudes to disability compared to modern day. Unfortunately in history, disabled voices are often very hard to hear but hopefully this will change soon! I was born with a physical disability called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita which has caused muscle contractions in all four of my limbs, my neck, eyes, and jaw as well as Scoliosis which is a curvature of the spine. 

This year I would really like the Disabled Collective to also be a social space for disabled students on campus. With the pandemic, the social aspect of the Collective has taken a backseat so I aim to establish a Collective Cafe. This will be where members of the Collective, and our supporters, can gather in a safe, no pressure environment. More information on this will be posted on our Instagram so make sure you follow us at rhdisabledcollective. I can’t wait to get stuck in with the Collective this year and hope to meet as many of you as possible!


Contact Us

You can contact us using our email address: disabledstudents.collective@royalholloway.su

Alternatively, you can reach us on our Facebook page.

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Joining Collectives

There are two different types of membership available: member and supporter. If you’re purchasing a membership, that means that you identify within that group (i.e. if you identify as LGBT+, you would join that Collective as a member). If you don’t identify within that group, but wish to support its activities and campaigns, you would join as a supporter.

Only full members of the Collective (i.e. people who identify within that group) are able to take part in the democratic processes, such as the elections to be a convenor. To be able to run in the election to be a convenor of a collective, you’ll need to make sure you “purchase” a free membership. This should then make the elections platform available to you. You may have to wait up to 24 hours for this to register on our system.

If you’re looking to get involved in a Collective, you’ll need to “purchase” your free membership and then you can get involved by attending any events listed or by getting in contact with the convenors. We’ll be opening up elections again in May should you be interested in becoming part of the leadership of a Collective.

How to become a convenor

To be eligible to run in the election to become a convenor, you’ll need to make sure you are a member of it first. Only full members of a collective (i.e. those who self-define into the individual groups) are eligible to run in the nomination and/or vote.

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